Vaccination deniers – KILL CHILDREN – Bill Gates.

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Vaccination deniers kill children. Dr Wakefield was commissioned by a law firm to produce a paper indicating a link, between MMR jabs and autism, he acted totally fraudulently to produce bogus results, and the lie started that the MMR jabs were unsafe.

Vaccinations HAVE NOT been proven to be linked in anyway to autism, despite test after test carried out by medical professionals. Parents not vaccinating their children are negligent and a danger to their children and other’s.

Any person wanting reliable facts in addition to the video below, please see link in this description, the lecture cites peer reviewed papers and explains in full. You owe it to your children and others’ children.


Michael Mcelligott says:

why is anyone listening to bill gates ? hes out to reduce the worlds population

pugetpuppypower85 says:

What disgusts me the most is that the same cowards who scream "MY body, MY choice!" when it comes to abortion, are the same individuals who support mandatory vaccinations of children against their parents personal choice and liberty. Bill Gates is scum, scum in one of its purest forms. Im ashamed that he is associated with my home town of Seattle. When my daughter was about 2 months old, she came home from a routine ped. appt where she recieved 4 vaccines at once. She was fine until out of nowhere she began to writh in pain and scream bloody murder for about 30 minutes straight, NON STOP. She had never done it before, and has not done it since. Why, as a loving mother, would I ever take my chances on my childs precious life and health, because this bozo says its good for us? I have read both sides of the science. Many of the vaccines are not even necessary, and some of the diseases are not even deadly. I am more disturbed by the brainwashed masses who go along with this, and speak with such a righteous tone about how those of us who do not slurp the koolaid are somehow "off" or "irresponsible."

Dave Ovason says:

Bill Gate fitly liar that will burn in hell for all of eternity. I was told by our public school that my kids weren't allowed to attend unless they were vaccinated. They are home schooled and health. F*** You Bill Gates!

Tina D'Andrea says:

Does Bill Gates have his kids vaccinated? I doubt it and in addition, he's invested in the pharmaceutical companies that give these vaccines


click here to see a great news report about vaccines

Ivonne Molina says:

What did he say at 2:57

Luke Turco says:

Bill Gates is also for depopulation of the human race.

randywatchingbush says:

IF you Love your Children refuse to let them be Vaccinated by these criminals.. Autism is occurring in 1 in 50 children.. Bill Gates is part of Agenda 21 or the mass murder of billions by vaccines & other "Health Care" methods .. google or youtube this mass murder of Agenda 21 .. Fuck Bill Gates and his shill armies of media minions ..

tubeshok says:

Bill Gates' father, William H. Gates Sr., has long been involved with the eugenics group Planned Parenthood, a organization birthed out of the American Eugenics Society. In a 2003 interview with PBS' Bill Moyers, Bill Gates admitted that his father used to be the head of Planned Parenthood, which was founded on the concept that most human beings are just "reckless breeders" and "human weeds" in need of culling

ralphplays says:

This made me hate Microsoft.

ralphplays says:

It looks like he was about to cry in the beginning and he also looks pretty guilty. xD

Thomas Bird says:

Anti-vaxx lunatics are terrorists. Gee I wonder whats more likely. That every reputable medical and pediatric institution the world over are all involved in a giant cover up, or that Jim Carrey and a bunch of hysterical conspiracy theorists on the internet with no medical background are full of shit. Wow. Thats a tough one.

David Getoff says:

It is extremely sad that huge numbers of seemingly intelligent people DO NOT UNDERSTAND the rules of science. 1) Not a single credential or college degree is required in order to be correct. 2) No amount of credentials, knowledge or a high IQ can make people right, when they are wrong. 3) Consensus has no place in real science, and in fact it has been the break from consensus which has accompanied most of the greatest scientific discoveries which have moved us forward. 4) Asking "experts" who beliefs are on the same side of an argument will never help further your education nor locate the actual facts. 5) If you wish to join the minority of the public (or of experts) who "discover" that mainstream or majority views are often wrong, so that you can become one of the few who learns actual fact sooner than most, you must: – Seek out some experts who, for whatever reason, are touting the minority weird or strange completely different viewpoint. Not parents, not the general pubic, true experts who have spent many hundreds if not thousands of hours researching the issue in question from BOTH SIDES, and yet have a very minority view on the subject. Then after finding these experts, close your trap, stop shaking your head, open your mind if you are still able to do so, and listen closely to what they have to say. After you have done this with two or more experts giving their reasons and research for the opposing minority viewpoint; Then and only then is it fair to make your decision. This procedure is (thankfully) what true scientists do and why we have made so many amazing discoveries over the past 200 years. The important videos section of my web site, toward the end of that section, will supply you with a few of these experts in vaccine science, such as Suzanne Humphries, for you to listen to. Two others would be Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and Dr. Tim O’Shea with his book Vaccination IS NOT Immunization,.
Open your mind and learn. Wouldn’t you rather be in the small percentage who learn things first, instead of arguing without adequate investigation?
David Getoff, CCNm, CTN, FAAIM, BCIM

robbiedaug says:

What a fracking liar Shill Gates is.
Hey, how does a guy who got rich with computers suddenly control the world's children's health, anyway?
Oh yea, didn't he start getting involved in HIS FATHER'S game.

MLGKitty YT says:

In 2010 bill gates went to a conference meeting explaining he wants to kill people.

OnlyHempFuture says:

And Bill Gates does not have any financial interests in Vaccination ???? He owns half of the vaccine producing Companies and earns billions in the process and of cause blame the parents for not poison their children enough… I have never vaccinated my children and the only problem they had was they never got sick and we sometimes had to give them some "play sick days" at home so they didn't feel left out, sitting every day at school while all the other children stayed home sick.

I have never heard about any healthy (un-vaccinated) children die except being murdered, or died by some terrible accident, but I have seen Hundreds of Vaccine Injured Children and Treated and treating some of them and the same story of those according to Bill Gates irresponsible parents are told that their children started to deteriorate just hours after the Vaccinations… these are facts and Bill Gates is the Baby Killer here, Not the Millions of Parents that Naively let those Angels of Death stick their filthy needles into their Children, only to watch them deteriorate into Autism, Brain damage, Paralysis, Childhood Cancers and Death. And those talking for Vaccinations are 100% uneducated, uninformed and exceptionally stupid just believing Bill Gates and his goons of Child-molesters and murderers.

And YOU who ever YOU are that is promoting this abomination is Yourself a Child Murderer and Molester so I hope you will Educate yourself before you kill more children..there is No Vaccination for Stupidity and remember the Parents that are speaking out about the dangers of Vaccines are Parents that have Vaccine Injured Children that DID do as Bill Gates Told them to do… They DID Vaccinate their Children and have to live with that mistake for the rest of their life.

If you shot your child in the head with a gun it would be called Murder in any Court, but if you "shot" your child with this poison and it died, it is called what??

I know I sound harsh in my tale here, but when you are advocating Child molestation and mass murders I really do not care about your "Feelings" the welfare of the Children and their future welfare comes first.

OneLove ~ JBB

Topcat says:

Gates works for the Cabal,  his vaccines are full of Toxins, ask India, the children in India are dying because of his vaccines, and India is out to get Gates…..

decaribman says:

Apparently Mr. Gates is NOIT aware that Dr. Wakefield's research is Strongly supported by other qualifierd Dr's also doing research and they say that his (Wakefield's) research is TRUE and that he was Exonerated…. Also instead of giving money for vaccines why don't we fix the infrustructure and foods problems these countires have beause that is what was done to eradicate these diseases and NOT what is touted now..  Come on people the historical recoreds are there, but i guess we choose to look at what we want or what we are fed…

MsWatcheverything says:

Urgh I wanna puke

The islander Eire says:


Tessa C says:

What a bunch of hoo-ha lairs.  Just because you have HUGE corporations funding your campaigns and buying off Congress…DOESNT MAKE IT SO!

Cali Furtado says:

People in third world countries run when they know Americans are coming with 'shots'. A few days ago, parents in Tanzania chased the vaccine pushers away with rocks and smashed their car windows in. The people in Tanzania don't have access to all of the information we do here. Yet, they've seen their children injured or killed by vaccines – and even they could figure it out. 

BackToTheOldUS says:

I totally trust Bill Gates M.D. with the health of my child. He seems very interested in the individual. Seriously? who the hell listens to Bill Gates about what to inject into the common man

Deon Grantham says:

The question everyone ought to be asking is this: What is the cumulative or total amount of aluminum storing as a toxic body burden in tiny infants’ bodies? From my math calculations, there is a total of 650.8 picograms/kilograms body weight injected over the first six months of infants’ lives. What kind of toxic burden does that body load place on a six-month-old infant whose immune system is developing? How does the liver detoxify such a heavy-duty load of aluminum? What does that amount of aluminum do to the kidneys? What effect is there on brain cells? After all, these infants aren’t fully-grown and don’t possess healthy adult body detoxifying capabilities.

motorhead says:

Its good he speaks out on this…yet the public has little or no scientific education and easily misled by Wakefield fraudsters…yet the same anti vaccine/science people dial 911 to get an ambulance to take them to a modern hospital praying science will save their life….crazy

Elizabeth Wilcol says:

I wouldn't believe a word that comes out of Bill Gates, lying, evil mouth.  I saw the video where he said they could depopulate the world by 15 or 20% when the new drugs and vaccines come out… he's evil….

Leslie Guillian says:

it makes sense that autism is a brain and sometimes also a gastrointestinal disorder with all the vaccine ingredients being garbage that can in no possible way be good for a developing brain. and the fact that %70 of our immune system is in our gut. that's the "point" of vaccines as we r told target our immune system. its such a coincidence that autism reports spiked in correlation with the new mandated vaccine schedule in the 1990s. that's too much of a coincidence. vaccines are flawed in theory anyway, 1st of all they don't guarantee immunity, ppl blame outbreaks on unvaccinated when if ur vaccinated u shud not worry about getting sick, 2nd everyone knows the ingredients are toxic to our bodies meaning theyare not necessary to our survival and these chemicals can accumulate in our bodies inhibiting natural functions, 3rd we get sick naturally we r immune for life vaccines are temporary artificial immunity at best, they require boosters which add more garbage to our bodies overloading our immune system cuz it wants the garbage out. 4th viruses are essential to our evolution, god gave us everything we need to take care of ourselves, why should we undermine his perfect design? moms should breastfeed, and everyone should eat healthy and have access to clean air clean water and clean food supply and everyone who is able should exercise… that's how we eradicate disease. SIMPLE, life shouldn't be as hard as we make it

canada2love says:

It feels like an offense just to watch him talking.

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