The PS3™ Guides: Joining the PlayStation®Network

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Once you’ve connected your PlayStation®3 online, you’d want to join the PlayStation Network — your gateway to a world of online entertainment spanning games, movies, TV, music and more.

Joining the PlayStation Network is free and in this guide we’ll show you how to:
– Create a Sony Entertainment Network account via your PS3 or PC
– Sign into the PlayStation Network on your PS3
– Access the PlayStation Store for all your games, movie and TV content
– Add funds to your digital wallet using credit cards or pre-paid PlayStation Network cards
– Manage your account options

Don’t forget to check out the other video guides in the series to learn how to use other online services — including on-demand movies and TV, catch up TV and streaming music.


HonerFols54_ Gamer says:

Click Verify That and you go sign in in Ps3
and you play online now

LukmanLaksmana 1976 says:


LukmanLaksmana 1976 says:

subscribe to playstation australia
this is fun with me
with you

LukmanLaksmana 1976 says:

thank you
i got laptop
huhu…….., this is fun

LukmanLaksmana 1976 says:

hey playstation australia man if email that you created earlier from the computer

LukmanLaksmana 1976 says:

that guy cool

LukmanLaksmana 1976 says:

next time i try in my Laptop

zai zainuddin says:

help me please

zai zainuddin says:

why i have to verify my email ?

MattyBRaps Fan says:

I like the but it does it work on mp ps3

Roberto Ortiz Kerbertt says:

yes the didnt a you

Tahsin GC says:

can you play cod multiplayer for free with ps3 psn?

Johnny Rocket says:

the dam machine won't let me change the country settings, I don't live in the US yet it won't let me change that!!

Malik Walker says:

What happen if you don't have a cp

Senior Tutor says:

what games are good for boy age 9 please

SpeedyFireman Alpha says:

Plus you need to update your PS3

SpeedyFireman Alpha says:

It doesnt matter go to network then scroll up to sign up

Jacqui Ngamanu says:

how do I changethe language back toenglish in the playstation store

Noah The Anima Guy says:

dose anybody now to fix Playstation Network Timed out can't fix it

Angel Rodríguez says:

I dont have the add fund icon anyone know how to fix?

Charbel Younes says:

in my ps3 the symbole of the ps3 nethwork is differrent why help

Usain Bolt says:

I am having trouble because I forgot my password and now I can't access my psn account so I tried to change my password but it said that is was not valid

bangla desh says:

You want an easy way to get Playstation Network cards? Try Grab Points. Lots of ways to earn. I got enough points for a PS Network card in 3 days or so.

Rutuja Shetty says:

I get my PS Cards through Grab Points. You can cash out for Paypal too

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