The 10 Most Offensive Body Shaming Ads

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The worst and most controversial fat shaming ads and signs to have ever existed!
We are surrounded by advertisements pretty much every day of our lives. Advertisements have one goal to convince consumers to buy their brand. Whether these ads are presented through television, the Internet or magazine, we are constantly being told on the kind of people we should or should not be.

Advertisements seem to glorify on how their products will help you live a perfect life. As much as we know these dreams are often dramatized, it is not okay when these ads tend to bring out stereotypes. It’s one way to tell us it’s capable to be someone better, but putting down other individuals or groups is what makes it a problem.

Vintage ads are notorious are targeting in groups however we continue to see this even in 2015, body shaming remains a common trend in advertisements. Whether it’s targeting skinny or overweight individuals, our society seems to always emphasize on the “perfect body.”

Why do we have to focus on physical looks anyway? And it’s almost crazy how these certain brands are promoting body shaming when they generally have good brand messages like selling healthy snacks. You’ll have to see it for yourself. Here are some of the most offensive body shaming advertisements that you won’t believe.

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Ashley Madison
Just Be Ugly
Stop Childhood Obesity
Pretzel Crisps
Victoria’s Secret
Bacardi Breezer

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Aoibhin McDonnell says:

I'm thin and I hate it once at a birthday party I ate less than all my friend from then on they called me SKINNYMCNOEAT

Okami Kitsune says:

You can so be too thin wtf!!!

Mad Maggie says:

Shaming is a terrible way to 'help' anyone. I don't believe that anyone who shames is genuine about helping anyone.

roy romano says:

Shame!!! How dare Ashley Madison make hilarious and ironic observations about life!!!

Dave Bowler says:

It's not just women who are shamed in ads.  Men get it, too.

Lola Zinski says:

Sitting here eating beef jerky, thinking about if I should go vegetarian.

Clint Ronnow says:

Whales aren't fat!!! They're just big boned, and most are really good dancers.
@4:45 I'd totally hold her hand in the mall.

Anoek Van De Laak says:

the neverlands in 0:56? i dont now where you get your information, but it is probacly the the netherlands

Layla Hassan says:

I'm a vegetarian but I'm still fat as whale.
Believe me not eating meat isn't the solution.

Kittykins Fox says:

If there is one thing I can't stand it'd be modelling advertisements. Basically they're all saying "Hey, you're fat! That's funny because you'll probably never get the job here. Also look how ugly you are compared to all these models." It's the message they're sending me.

Natalie Berry says:

I want to show off my potato chips… :(

Cale Andersen says:

Fat shaming= Not okay, fuck you
Skinny shaming= Meh, they look anorexic


beasty4545 says:

This video is wrong on so many levels

Reese Morgan says:

there's a difference between some healthy curves and obesity. it's disgusting how these people treat their bodies, and though it is not fair to shame them, it really is their fault.

Still gay grandpa says:

PETA is really fucking problematic. They just need to stop.

GalaxyMeow says:

Peta is actually a terrible company. I'm 100% all for saving animals, and hate eating meat (But I would get deathly ill if I didn't have iron intake, and my parents won't let me go vegetarian or vegan), but they exploit women and just use real terrible campaigns.

Steven Butler says:

You talk as if being overweight isn't a bad thing.

Lotus Isaacs says:

I've never heard about the Ashley Madison one that's horrible

Mugiwara Nami says:

We have popchips at school.

Jynxedlove says:

PETA needs to go die in a fire.

Galaxy Destiny says:

2:45 Not pretzel crisps! I love pretzel crisps.

gojags54 says:

Lol u said a wide audience

Sheridan Froggatt says:

… I'm skinny and pretzels are disgusting. I'm ALSO Healthy, after getting weight back on. Recovering from Anorexia, suffering everyday from body dysmorphia I don't understand how selling shit like this should make me happy to be skinny, because honestly it's a vile way to advertise.

Alain Carrière says:

It is funny that women always see everything bad in the world, but never when it is men as the victims……….HUMMMM! everyday on all medias, printed, tv, radio newspaper, in ads and in general stories, medias are making men look like complete idiots, just for the entertainment factor of it all, but yet if the same medias were to make the same allusions using women as the idiots, it would be a riot out there and some heads would be rolling…… but because it men that are the butt of the joke it is perfectly Ok, the fact that the law is also against men and pro women, nobody would dare say anything in the fear their head would be rolling as well, so there is also stereotype against men body type or ideals, but most men chose to ignore them, because if they spoke out, they would be shamed by women, just as women's group refuse and will be extremely violent on University campuses to make sure Men do not get any services, women do get on all campuses, just look at the double standard when it comes to opening a center that would help male student suffering from depression or suicidal tendencies, so please when you make videos about fat shaming and idealistic body type, could you at least not be sexist and only point out it is men's fault and only women are the victims, it defeats the whole purpose, just as putting a picture of a woman and saying she is ugly, how did you get to that conclusion? If you want to be taken seriously, start by being objective and research your subject without filtering trough your subjective lenses.

Yvonne Yi says:

the neverlands.

Ben Beugels says:

Being fat is ugly, and it is a bad thing, a lot of these things aren't good but seriously, toughen up

SilverNightmareFiend says:

My friend and I are on opposite sides of the spectrum, she's got a high metabolism and is super thin and I'm 30 pounds overweight. We always get shamed for how we look. She can't help it and I'm trying to but with slow to barely no results. It's a shame to live in a world so judgmental of others.
Her sister is the same way, but people tried to have their parents locked up because they assumed they were starving their kids.

fran mcmuffin says:

it's a dangerous topic, because while body shaming of course is in no way acceptible, the campaign against it must not go too far, so as to eradicate the awareness of overweightness being unhealthy.

carlos luna says:

i ber nicole arbour was behind all of these ads

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