Should I Vaccinate? (Ask Teal Episode on Vaccines and Vaccination) – Teal Swan

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The birth of the vaccine is one of the worst scientific mistakes and subsequent cover ups in human history.

You have been lead to believe that vaccines are safe. But they are not safe. The birth of the vaccine is one of the worst scientific mistakes and subsequent cover ups in human history. The science behind vaccines is not only flimsy, it is an embarrassment. But money, (which is the true motivation behind vaccines) is flowing in by the billions and has since the birth of the vaccine and so, vaccines continue to be propagated.

Medical intervention for those who are ill is a multi-billion dollar proposition. But it is an even bigger money maker to require people who are in a state of perfect health to pay for medical intervention, such as a vaccine or drug. The world that we live in is a world that is owned and run not by people, but by companies… Companies who have one motivation: Money. And companies who can lobby politicians to pass legislation that is not in the best interest of human life.

These same companies own the media. To give the general public the real information about vaccines, hurts sales. Most of the studies done about vaccines are done by the very same companies that stand to profit from the success of these vaccines. Most of the medical clinics you visit make their living off of vaccines. So there is a huge conflict of interest within the medical community relative to vaccination.

Teal explains that as a medical intuitive, she has never seen a human body benefit by a vaccine, she has only ever seen them hurt the human body. She explains that vaccines are no substitute for eating a diet and living a lifestyle that supports the immune system. She goes on to explain that there are natural barriers between a human body and a virus (such as the walls of the respiratory and digestive system), and that by injecting a virus straight into the blood stream, you are by passing those barriers which enable the virus to enter vital organs and to cross the blood brain barrier; which is extremely dangerous.

The idea that vaccines should be mandatory is unconstitutional. It is a blow at freedom and freedom is precious. In the future, Vaccines will be looked at in the same way that we look at blood letting today. It will be seen as an embarrassment in human history.

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cesar tejeda says:

what a moron!

Kirk Nano says:

Thanks Teal, at last someone with enough brains and insight to tell the real truth. I suppose this is one of the big reasons I will never have kids. I wonder if the plague of big pharma will ever be brought to it's rightful place (out of business). Perhaps a thousand years from now, who knows?

Kollette Van says:

It's sad that Ca just passed a law starting in 2016 that eliminates personal belief immunization exemptions for kids in day cares, elementary, & middle school. Isn't this unconstitutional like you said? What can Californians do?

Scott Barksdale says:

Pro tip: A 40+ year old quote is not a good basis for an argument on modern medicine.

Scott Barksdale says:

Teal, you clearly don't understand how herd immunity works. Or how organic thimerosal works. Or how pathogens work. Or how B or T cells work. Or how any kind of vaccine or immunity works. Or how viruses work. Or how anything to do with medicine works. STOP TRYING TO EDUCATE WHEN YOU ARE UNEDUCATED.

Scott Barksdale says:

Just a note, Teal: It's illegal to pose as a doctor online, especially with the purpose of giving medical advice. That's a felony.

Von Roth says:

Smallpox, diphtheria, rabies, tuberculosis, polio, tetanus – need I say more? This kind of rhetoric is poisonous; pun intended.

Sandy Wold says:

Hi Teal, I have been listening to many of your videos and liked them up until this one. This one feels fear-based and not grounded in science. I am an organic vegetarian type who has a biochemistry and immunology background. Yes, there may be a minority who react to a vaccination but many, many more people benefit than don't. So when I vaccinate myself and my children, it is with trust that I trust it won't harm us and that it is also good for society. Lastly, I don't think what you said about the blood brain barrier is accurate.

Matt Courtney says:

Please tell me the difference between a primary immune response and a secondary immune response.

Matt Courtney says:

Teal, I have to disagree with you. Polio and Smallpox were once killers, and now they are gone. What are your sources? I suspect you don't really know what a vaccine is, or an antigen, or an antibody, or a B cell or a T cell.

Renata Girassol says:

Just vaccinate myself last week! Hepatiti B.. I am feeling so bad right now, what should I do now? What are the consequences? Am I in danger?

Palm93 says:

So what do you recommend… IF you have been vaccinated? or is just too late and i should accept my doom now? >.<

detroitrockcity22 says:

I know in my gut that vaccines are harmful. What is presented on government sites about its benefits and the way things are worded is very suspect. And is seemingly not getting sick for a few weeks worth the risk of death? What about a permanent immunodeficiency disorder? And why the fuck would vaccines contain thimerosal, a mercury compound? Last time I checked mercury was an acute poison by definition.

Areire Leunamme Elgoog Uoy Kcuf says:

can anyone help me.
I have to go to the army in two weeks, the will try and vaccinate me.
i don't have a lot of knowlage and i am super afraid of this. I really don't want to vaccinate, but I am terrified to cause trouble. The will sit me down and may delay my army entery. I don't know what to do.

Nicholas Frankel says:

I wish I watched this yesterday, I just got my flu shot at CVS. Btw teal, keep it moving, your the best.

mirabilis1937 says:

i am really concern with the safety of this beautiful creature. So many outstanding scientists, physicians, researches perished, literally, under the immense pressure of money-making industries(=people who make money ).

Alicia Geiger says:

Hello Teal. I've been watching your many intelligent and opinionated videos. For thise offended by my words here that wholeheartedly agree with Teal on this: with all respect you are not my and are not my children and do not know what we live with just as well as you on your end. I have been skeptical of vaccines since the earlier start of more being introduced and then more so after having children. I have two children that are autistic. they were on track up until getting vaccinated. this was before any studies or whatnot threw out in the world about suspecting vaccines had an involvement in autism. after my first child got diagnosed, and I had my second I decided I wanted to wait until she was older and beyond two to get the MMR and Polio vaccines. I was met with hostility and negativity from the pediatric office. I was also scolded and threatened and they said I was basically neglecting my child's wellness. I didnt even say I refused it altogether. I just wanted to wait! They refused to further see my children and I have now four. And as I've watched my children grow and when or if theyve been vaccinated, each child is different.Yeah. But I find it odd that the two that I was forced into vaccinating regardless of when are autistic and the two that o actually stood up against vaccination are not. I get judged for it of course, yes. especially those in nursing or medical work. which is unfair consider im not going to each office with flyers against your work and judging your parenting based on vaccines. that is ridiculous. and with all respect, you have no idea what its like to raise two autistic children and two other younger kids that are under 5. you dont know what those kids deal with because of judgemental parents, who then teach that upon theor children. its unfortunate. why not keep to your own self and your belief on vaccination and leave those who choose against it alone. After all it does you no harm other than your opinion and judgement against it. And an FYI: 5 perfectly healthy people including young children under 3 have DIED recently and close together right after getting this year's flu vaccination.

Planet Discordia says:

We've had outbreaks here in the Seattle area where most of the people that got sick, were actually vaccinated against the particular virus. Hmmmmmmm. Also, screw getting a brain hemorrhage. Just say NO to vaccines!

jaime obieta says:

The way a vaccine works is by introducing a WEAKENED virus to the body. It's literally a way to teach your body how to fight these viruses. So it is natural, the body knows what to do when they see a stronger virus. It's basic science. Now I am all about this stuff meditation and energies but in the same time people need to understand science as well. There have been little cases that prove vaccines cause autism . And I understand vaccines don't mean that you really immune to all viruses it simply means that you have a less likely chance of not getting sick. But if you guys want your kids to suffer the measles and let that evolve to pneumonia then go ahead.

thecrystalkid says:

Checkout "Moontime- living in harmony with the cycles of the monn- Johanna Paungger". They give a good argument for specific and controlled blood letting on certain days of the month.

Really? says:

Ohhhhh Teal! I knew I was against that stuff, but your information and views are riling me up even more against this monstrosity. This whole "humanity must CONQUER nature" perspective is getting me so fed up. What about living in nature? What about living with it? What about being part of it? Everything we could ever need is from the natural world, but somehow we've gotten convinced that we will die without man-made things. That's all they are, things…sure they can enrich our lives, but we are completely able to thrive without them. Anyway thanks for sharing this, I'm so damn done with the newtonian-linear thinking bullcrap.

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