MMR Vaccination Plunges Child Into Autism and Mom Will Never Vaccinate Again

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Close – Gladys took her normal, healthy 18-month-old boy into the pediatrician’s office to get the MMR vaccination, only to leave with a vaccine-injured child. The doctor said that the symptoms of the injury were “normal.” Her child would later be diagnosed with Autism. She was able to help her child by following a gluten free casein free diet, and later, by using homeopathic protocols. Please share her story to warn other parents about the dangers of vaccination and to help us stop all government sponsored vaccination mandates.

Stop Mandatory Vaccination

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arnibah vanst says:

Try chelation therapy.

Watchman for Truth End Times says:

MMR Vaccination Plunges Child Into Autism and Mom Will NEVER Vaccinate EVER AGAIN!!!

GOOD FOR YOU Gladys, bravo! It doesn't take a whole lot of simple common sense and intelligence to know when your child regresses after taking toxic vaccines. The mainstream Pharmaceutical MEDICAL MAFIA CARTELS and their gallant smiling personality PHARMA WHORES who are paid to promote, has been deliberately lying and deceiving millions upon millions of naive and gullible people worldwide into vaccinating their children only to watch the horrific results of a vaccine injured child. Vaccines are not about protecting the health of your child or loved one from any illness, it's only about one thing… PROFITS, lots of PROFIT$$$! Big pharma has gained so much corruptible power, they can literally get away with MASS MURDER and profit from it handsomely to boot! Now they tell us, we can't even sue for deliberate malpractice and intentional injury? Does this not sound like a medical dictatorship?

What are we living in a, MODERN DAY NAZI, STALIN, SOCIALIST COMMUNISM? Well guess what, WE REALLY ARE living in a fascist corporate controlled dictatorship! They write the laws to govern us all and leave themselves completely untouchable from any legal criminal actions or civil suits and reaping fat rewards and mega profits, poisoning our loved ones to death. It's known as the New World Order and bible prophecy clearly warned us, these end days would be unlike any in our history and we would never see anything like this again. Mathew Ch. 24 of the holy bible gives us all a clear picture of what's already unfolding in our present time…

Saint Boudreau says:

CDC est 1 in 68 kids as of 2014 have autism per CDC    call I 800 cdc info    Atlanta ga.

Joseph Valente says:

I am so so sorry, makes me cry. I have three under 6 and I will never, but never inject that Witch's brew in my children's body.
And the doctor said it is normal. He is right it is normal to damage your children with the Witch's Brew
I am so happy that you were able to reverse the damages without the Quacks
God Bless

halfasheep says:

The doctor thought the neurological regression was nothing to worry about. Generally, doctors can't be taken seriously in regards to vaccine injuries. Doctors are generally not educated in regards to this subject.

anameaboveallothers says:

luciferians want the human sacrifice the vaccine brings

paul bunyan says:

9/21/15 This is the last couple days to sign a petition to put SB-277 to a vote in November.
Find out where to sign here:
Golden Gate Bridge Rally:

Nancy Peterson says:

Fair enough, Larry. But here in NZ, which supports alternatives, is still generally looking for an evidence base. I am still hearing claims that no studies actually support, for instance, homeopathy.

Nancy Peterson says:

I think this would be more effective if you didn't mention alternative medicine, it partly sounds like you are pushing that. Many people are skeptical about alternative or complementary approaches. Make the case about vaccines, leave the rest out.

qbulb says:

Parents, when your doctor harasses you to vaccinate your child, ask him/her if they will take care of your child if he becomes autistic; ask if he will pay the extra expenses involved with an autistic child and ask if he will pay for all the special training and special needs a vaccine injured child will need.  If he says, "Of course not", ask him who will.  If he begins yelling at you, yell your answers back to him. 
The MMR vaccines are among the least needed vaccines.  When my child was vaccinated, they did not have MMR vaccines.  She had mumps and measles as a child and was only mildly ill with them for a few days.  Isn't that better than a lifetime of autism and/or other disorders?

Kim Plancich says:

Gratitude for spreading truth.

James Eslick says:

Government is the biggest terrorist.

Naomi Ann Wennerholm says:

We need to Start recalling politicians who pass these laws and egnore the will of the people and screw waiting for the next scheduled election kick them out now.

Then comes if possible at the same time remove the licenses of the stupid doctors who push and go along with these dangerous drugs. Only leaving those who are against these dangerous vaccines and other drugs. Then make sure those who are currently in medical school or will be learn the truth by showing the damage those that came before them caused so they won't make the same mistakes my brother who is 40 was damaged by vaccines it was within the last 15 years we found a doctor who was able to reverse most. Of the Autism even though not all of it. My Brother was moderate to severe now mild high function. We have to watch what he eats plus what he us exposed to or all that work would be undone. Their is a film called Autisim Made in the USA by Dr. GARY NULL. When my Parents saw it along with myself We were pissed. Because what we saw match what was up with my brother before we found help. My Brother may not be a hundred percent but he is a lot closer to normal now and we want to keep him that way plus I also ran into addition information that also ties many vaccines to asthma to and I have asthma no thanks to that crap so I have to watch what I eat and am exposed to but can't completely avoid. And it is not fun when you can't or barely can breathe. I was diagnosed my senior year in High School. Even though I carry an emergency inhaler I was taught many natural methods of control and reversal of an attack before using it. As long as I gave access and it is not to severe. My. Brother was even taught how to help me when it is really bad even saving my life on more than one accusation and getting kissed to smithereens my mom and being praised for it. I even treated him to his favorite ice cream for helping me. We usually try to stick to non-dairy as much as possible. But one thing for sure he was proud of him self for being able to help me he even didn't mind getting kissed by mom when normally he would fight it.

So lets show these creeps we won't let them ruin our health any more.

Divine Call says:

I would like to know if Gladys using any expert? And where to buy all the remedy that it needs to detoxification.
I am all oppose vaccination. Its totally a control population agenda. I see myself on my son. He developed eczema, alopecia, and ecolalia right after vaccination. Wish I was awake earlier to know all things about vaccinations

Eileen Jackson says:

Exactly describes my son's reaction to the MMR shot when he was 18 months back in 1995, How can this still be happening? My son is 22 years old and severely autistic.

Rebecca Lee says:

Not to be rude, but how can one detox from brain damage? Autism is a form of brain damage, can someone elaborate on this? (btw, I'm against all vaccines. my children, girl 4, boy 2, are not vaccinated and never will be as long as I'm alive. and the constant  shaming and bs that I get from them not will never deter me)

Roberto Carrillo says:

I am sorry to see what has happened to your child. Thank you for having the courage to speak up and warn the public. Get educated there are no safe vaccines.

Mark Milner says:

Please check out Dr. Schulze at His products are amazing and his formula #2 removes things like mercury from the body. He might also agree to be interviewed. He's pretty outspoken, to say the least.

Thanks for the video❤️

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