Interior Design — Small & Narrow Family Room Makeover

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On, H&H style expert Reiko Caron faces a small space design challenge. Her solution? Careful planning — plus a furniture shopping trip to Leon’s!

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Petite Style says:

breaking the room up into zones is an excellent idea; however, i've never been a fan of putting a dining table, or in this case, a cocktail table, too far away from the kitchen! i prefer having that kind of seating close to the kitchen…especially, when you have kids! i also felt the club chair was a bit bulky; and with the book stand directly behind it, it seemed a bit too imposing on the walk space, but overall, very nice!

Jeannie Scala says:

I redecorated my long den with this plan of three "zones" and it came out amazing!!! Thank you so much for this creative yet simple and functional video. My husband thinks I am a genius! LOL!

szorohov85 says:

No.didnt like it…to crumped

heloïsa murillo reis roell says:

the room needs more lights !!!!

dphotos says:

I don't think this lady has kids. The sofa color she picked will look like a war zone after a year. Kids and light color sofa's do not match.

Julie Chen says:

I don't like how many bulky sofa chairs were packed in that narrow space. I love the cocktail place near the window but it felt stuffy with a chair near the fireplace with the same mass and density feeling

mai qaicy says:

Awesommmm .. Can u please help me in redecorate my living room n kitchen ..could i send u a picture to give me some advises couse your thoughts are wooooww .. Thank you 😀 

TheGorgeous Mel says:

I would have added a large picture frame over the sofa.otherwise beautiful 

K B says:

New subscriber and this is the best H&H video I've seen because she really explains what drove her design and how she chose the pieces.  Many of the H&H videos are titled "How to get a…" but then they only seem to be room tours without explanation – nice to look at, but don't teach me anything I can really use.

jadeaj7 says:

The chairs are too big for this space. A scandinavian style, would look great on this room- great for small spaces and neutral. 

juanita arbelo says:

Luv this space, it's nice and cozy!

Hien Hoang says:

nice but too many sofas! Sometimes you don't need to fill up the spaces with furniture :)

Shannan B says:

I could do this too if I had a few thousand like this woman. Of course money and new furniture makes a room look nice.

Annelise Sunwall says:

That table is way too low.

Ninaforever17 says:

too many chairs in such a small space. finished product look cosy but clunky at the same time

Matthew McCrory (theawkwardstag) says:

Great idea, especially the zoning, but I don't like the finished room as much as I was expecting.

The TV/gaming area and fireplace seat look fantastic but the cocktail area by the window seems a bit unpractical. The seats seem so low and large. I get the feeling a more standard table and chair set would be more practical and aesthetically appealing. 

M Farrell says:

Think the solution looks good. I would of used a chair that swiveled near the fire place. Then place it so it could be used to watch tv or swivel toward fireplace.

Dathan says:

I don't care for much of the furnishings.  I think a loveseat would have been fine in front of the window.  But for all appearances it is a good job.

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