2015 Fermilab Physics Slam

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Fermilab’s fourth annual Physics Slam, held on Nov. 20, 2015, featured five physicists vying to explain their area of study in the most entertaining way possible. Contestants included 9:28 Brian Ingram, 20:10 Brad Benson, 32:52 Cindy Joe, 43:50 Steve Nahn and 54:39 Chris Marshall, and the event was hosted by Chris Miller of the College of DuPage. Visit Fermilab online at http://www.fnal.gov. Follow the lab on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/fermilab and on Twitter @FermilabToday.


Marc Torrent Cuairan says:

54:39 never heard such and awsome rap man!!!

Dan Searle says:

shame about the RF interference and/or ground loop on the audio.

Adham Al-Hamdan says:

this is just epic

rabbitslayer42 says:

got bored with the annoying guy in the loud jacket and stopped watching

Neurotyczny Kot says:

rapping part was great 😀 lol'd so hard

richd21t says:

that rap tho

TheyCallMeNewb says:

That was really something to behold. We all thank you for sharing the event again!

Guest6265+ says:

9:28 Brian Ingram; cell-phone batteries
20:10 Brad Benson; The ends of the Earth & The Beginning of the Universe
32:52 Cindy Joe; This Accelerating Life
43:50 Steve Nahn; Slam! Fun! (particle physics)
54:39 Chris Marshall; Neutrino oscillations

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