Who is Killing Our Scientists? | Whack and Epified

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Whack and Epified have come together to show some light on the mysteries death of our Indian Scientists. Take a look!!

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Usha Sharma says:

Great covering. That's true that India rising is threatening many countries and obviously scientific community in India is being mysteriously targeted

RelatedGiraffe says:

By the way, those drawings are really good. How can you learn to draw like that?

RelatedGiraffe says:

Wow. Do you know whether they were working on some special technology? Seems like some people wanted to prevent a technology from getting out to the public.

Mallikarjun.S Kurahatti says:

you guys are just AWESOME, the way of presentation is remarkable, this video should go viral ………

Aryan Roy says:

China and Porkistan in play but its china i am sure .

Sachin Gupta says:

dongress is fooling india big time

john snow says:

the artist is really good

banumathi periasamy says:


Prashant Khaire says:


Seema Kapoor says:

America is the bastard nation..

Manoj Mohan says:

If you are talking about India, make sure you get the map of India right. At about time 3:02 in the video, a map of India is drawn with border of J&K drawn alongside loc. That is not the border as recognized by indian/indians.

88Possible1 says:

i think our government knows, if cia are invoked in this , they will get nicely from us

Chandravijay Agrawal says:

it is an unknown fact,which we will never know

Siddharth Shukla says:

Cold War !!

karan somjhani says:

appreciate ur efforts.. this is not it, it's never been noted that
also many of the rishi (and saints) have been killed by foreign agencies, many of whom were masters of many skills like meditation, ayurveda, etc.

Maxwell Brigenza says:

Western foreign sources are active under name of NGO and they want to destroy INDIA… GOV is BOGUS…

Manu K says:

We have scholarship of his name and we obey him for all he has done for us but no one wanted to know about his death…… this is were our India is laying behind

Manu K says:

After knowing this all things about gandhi and nehru why people still obey them. why is that man on our rupee notes yaar

Manu K says:

do f@#$& with gandhi and nehru

Manu K says:

this video should get viral

Amit Kumar says:

CIA at work along with MI6 these bastards are always up to something.

Shubham Patel says:

Today, Tomorrow, Someday or Any day i believe we will know the truth…..
And i hope responsible elements have pay the price they deserve.

Subhadeep Bhattacharya says:

i am really thankful that you decided to make a video on this.. wish we could have done something, there is a very interesting common strain in all these mysterious death cases of important persons, whenever an appeal is made to the government to they come up with the same reply that more info on such matters will lead to deterioration of relationship with foreign countries…. why are we still so fearful of these so called big powers!

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