UFO Sightings MUTANT [WITH RED EYES] Alien HYBRID ESCAPES!!? WOMAN Eyewitness 2015!!

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UFO Sightings MUTANT Alien HYBRID ESCAPES!!? WOMAN Eyewitness 2015!! Ginger Calls into Thirdphaseofmoon and shares Shocking Testimony With A Strange Being With Huge Glowing Red Eyes!! Could This Be the Mothman or Something Else?

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TheUniversesMessenger I says:

If you look really close theres a Black triangle right behind it almost like an aura .

Skip Truman says:

I wish you would just go away. Making good YouTube money is addictive, but all you do is muddy the waters for serious UFO research.

PATTO.TV says:

some crazy shit going on in our sky's, and with all the technology nowadays and the more people recording and taking pics of what is happening is undoubtedly proving that there is some thing or some one doing stuff above may it be aliens or the government something is definitely in our sky's.holograms ? floating cities.?some sort of life ?

Kurt X says:

I thought Bigfoot had red glowing eyes. If these two different creatures share the same trait doesnt that indicate a relationship of some type? It just seems like everytime there's a monster of some type it always seems to have red glowing eyes. Sounds kinda fishy…

Cresson Stafford says:

What friggin town damn it ???????????????????????

DLL 64 says:

Wheres the full size picture of this ?

Tradstone701 says:

I beleve in ufos. … But. … I am a soldier… and a hunter… i am 5 from 7 nights the week Outside in the Woods wherever…. But I NEVER Seen anything…. Not a little shit!!!! nothing! and i swear…. If i would See anything… I would shoot it… Just to have a evidence! !!!!

Cresson Stafford says:

Where in Arkansas damn it ?????????????????????????????

Radionut R says:

Cut the stupid commentary. It's so irritating. Let us watch the video and then at the end discuss it

rashawn williams says:

crackhead shit for lonely people

Rick Garcia says:

When I was 8 years old, I had an experience with this entity. It ended with my brother and I being abducted.

ForfumlaDRIFT says:

The glowing on the chest is its weapon its a kind of lighting based weapon. same kind of species that Phil Schneider ran into. She was very lucky see one of these aliens cause they are not a very tall being.

Gary Dowds says:

well said dr elizabeth

Corey Lynch says:

I agree, she saw a real demon! She's lucky it let them live after having a close encounter of the 3rd kind like that!


Take all the time off from posting fake shit you moron!

Aubrey Dana says:

Good grief. And it stood still long enough for her to photograph it, etc. With flash photography no less. While she was "frozen." You guys need to do a better job of vetting the lunatics who phone in – especially these hillbilly bible nuts who believe in demons, and are barely literate. It really undermines not only the credibility of your channel, but the whole topic. Show a LITTLE discernment fer chrissakes. You can't be this gullible, can you? Why Are you so willing to be punked all the time? Stop encouraging these moronic attention seekers. It doesn't help the cause, it marginalizes it even more. I get that this is a "Xmas Special." But this belongs on April Fools day. Which is turning into Groundhog Day on Third Phase of Moon. And that's a shame. Pretty soon, we'll be calling it "Third Phase of MOONED."

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