Fed RAISES Interest Rates! What Will Happen to the Global Economy?

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“Live: Janet Yellen explains Fed hike”
“FRB: Press Release–Federal Reserve issues FOMC statement–December 16, 2015”
“Fed aggressively ramps up new tool to pry rates higher | Reuters”
“Average Manhattan apartment now costs over $1 million: report – Yahoo News”
“D.C. plans to add more traffic cameras – The Washington Post”
“Paris chateau sold for £200m is ‘world’s most expensive home’ – Telegraph”
“Yale fail: Ivy leaguers sign ‘petition’ to repeal First Amendment | Fox News”
“Venezuela on edge of political crisis – FT.com”


alanmendezca says:

I did laughed. im sorry lol

Richard Garnache says:

The vid was not imformative in fact a little decieving.  The LEFT was kicked out of power in Venezuela to attempt to restore more Capatolisim and Freedom which is a good thing.  Higher Rates ony effect NEW Government debt not existing Debt. The people can demand the Government Stop spending to much they just dont because the people think they can have their cake and eat it to.

Steve Smith says:

Meanwhile here in Canada…"Loonie has lost 17% of its value in 2015, the second-worst year it's ever had" http://www.cbc.ca/news/business/loonie-drops-72-cents-1.3369475

Jarrett Silva says:

Governments would have to pay more…so the revenue created from people borrowing from the govt is outweighed by the interest payments the govt pays towards its national debt?

See Canon says:

As I followed your advice on the 401k and our oil stocks, I now have some sanity left. If the stock market rises then someone took some more digital payout wanting the lies about the real drop to be covered. I have a fixed interest rate on the house just biting my nails to pay this debt down. I like the flat/fair use tax. The IRS won't totally disappear but we will try to remember it in our prayers. David my day is non-drowsy antihistamine, bottle of Flonase and an expectorant. Like you I'm plugged up but listening. Get better soon. If you quit sending your pollen down to Texas I'll get better.

Vern Evens says:

You sound like you are really sick

Andrew Duddy says:

Bueller? Listen back to the first 3 seconds of the vid and tell me that wasn't Bueller talking there… BTW – great vids, keep up the excellent work. Also don't be afraid to tell the truth…. That interest, at any rate, is Usury. And any system under interest is finite by it's very definition. There is only one solution – the abolishment of Interest (at least as it pertains to the creation of "Money") and the simple, mathematical equation that eliminates inflation, deflation and other explorative attributes of the out money at its very foundation. That is the 1:1:1 relationship between Wealth (Value created through effort and economic activity):Debt (Promissory Obligations):Money (Representations of the obligations that must be extinguished against said obligations when satisfied). See Mike Montagne for more.

Mihael Kadezabek says:

Please get well, it's all good for you! Thank you.

Socrates “Mýops” Narke says:

Bail ins coming soon…

AnotherPerspective says:

Great video as always, thank you for your commitment to wake people up! Been a long time follower (In GTA as well)

Steven Petersen says:

Thank you Dave,,,,,Does this mean that we in Canada should consider locking in our mortgages or lines of credit?

230 outlaw says:

I've got the same crud bro. Don't let it get you down, get a netty pot to help clear up that congestion. I ended up standing over a steaming pot of water and vicks vapor rub for an hour to knock the mucus out.

Gold Hunter says:

If you get your vitamin d levels up to 50 you won't get cold or the flue. I'm living proof.

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