Top 5 Weirdest Facts About Quantum Physics

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Top 5 Weirdest Facts About Quantum Physics

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Trevor Jones says:

before the big bang I thing there was a quantum level event on a massive scale witch brought dark energy in to existence  and then it collapsed and then bang the universe was born so think I just cracked what happened before the big bang and how the universe came about

Blake R says:

The multiverse is less science, more philosophical supposition. Uncool the way it it presented here, so too the phenomenon of entanglement.

Dimitrios Thanos says:

no.3 is wrong…light never slows down

The Artificial Society says:

On entanglement, so far no experiment has demonstrated faster than light in vacuum communication. Until there is the interpretation must be that you can determine what the state of the two entangled particles was but after entanglement you can not impose a state upon one that affects the other faster than light. Hence, there is no action at a distance but rather preestablished state. For example take two balls where one is known to be white and the other black and toss one to a friend. When you look at the color of one you instantly know the color of the other without having to look at it but no communication took place, no action at a distance. It was simply preestablished knowledge.

zakrzew75 says:

Ok, but…
– infinite parallel universes is just only hypothesis without any evidence or experimental proofs, while entanglement is a real feature of the quantum world with mathematical model and experimental confirmation; I would not call the infinite universes hypothesis a fact
– the fact that speed of light can be lower than c in other then vacuum environment is well known and there is no any weirdness but yes, I agree, slowing down to very low speed or even stopping the light is amazing

Shiny Rayquazza says:

Title says "Quantum Physics." Video talks about astrophysics. >_>

Only #1 was actually about quantum physics. #2 I thought was going to be string theory but nope, video confuses "dimension" with "universe" or "reality." And that's just the start of the misinformation in this video…

jackson janelle says:

No 3. Really?! Do you think there is no water in the days of Einstine? Or ienstine fraud?

Kroos Semo says:

Beautiful universe could not exist coincidence

Saahil Khan says:

You are wrong about quantum entanglement. Information cannot travel faster than light even with quantum entangled particle.

1saltangler says:

i sometimes wonder if our universe is an atom or cell in a massive life form or something similar on an unfathomed sizes. just a strange thought. We will most likely never know.

Formato X says:

Awesome video, man. Thanks for the info…checking out your other stuff!

Uday Pratap says:

Excellent with great background music too…

Hamza Shaheen says:

man your voice sucks

- Roger - says:

Number 6
HALF-LIFE 3 !!1!1!!11!

Boom Hero says:

ຂ້ອຍມີສູດ ການຂ້າມມິຕິຈາກວັດຖຸທີ່ຢູ່ໄກໆກັນ ໃຫ້ສາມາດເດິນທາງໄປຫາກັນໄດ້ໃນຊົ່ວພິບຕາ Xg+Yg=G3/G=0
Xg ມິຕິທີ1
Yg ມິຕິທີ2
G ມິຕິ ຫຼື ຄວາມຫ່າງກັນ ລະຫວ່າງວັຖຸ
G3 ມິຕິໃໝ່ ທີ່ມີໄລຍະທາງທີ່ສັ້ນເຂົ້າ

VergilS Ayagawe says:

Top 2 Means that every anime series we watch happens on another dimension…
Who wants to be a dimension traveler folks XD

Shekhar Shenoy says:

The world of quantum mechanics is fascinating even for laymen. At least for those who're willing to learn and stretch their imagination!

Mr Autistic says:

It's a pretty good script for this one.

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