The Central Bankers Are Now Making The Last Preparations As The Economy Collapses – Episode 848a

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Report date: 12.21.2015

UK retail sales decline which show the economy is weakening.Office space is in a major decline as more and more companies layoff employees. The FED is now propping up banks and foreign banks for the economic collapse. The revenue coming into the government is not enough to support the debt and the government is now spending more than ever. Puerto Rico is ready to default but still paying holiday bonuses. Russia tops Saudi Arabia and is now supplying China with more oil.

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caleb roach says:

President trump here we come!!

Katie Mandela says:

I've never participated in the system fully because no matter how hard I've worked, I could never get ahead and I've always had a hard time understanding how a piece of paper or a name on a pair of jeans could make one person better then another..One thing I do and suggest others do is if you are going to buy a car, hire a mechanic, buy food or clothes, do it from personally owned merchants such as the local privately owned car dealer or mechanic that has no affiliation with a franchise..Keep your money in your communities and support your neighbors…

robilefoxx says:

While it is true that the Banks and the Elites are looking to protect their illegally obtained wealth in the coming programmed collapse, the reality of that collapse will be a total reset of all asset value to zero. Currencies in the world will virtually disappear as a single monolithic global socialist-communist state governs over the population of the planet from about 60-100 cities; national borders will be non-existent, as Peoples of the world swear fidelity to a single leader. This New Order of the World will take control of all resources and it will remove all wealth from private hands. It will determine the value of everything and regulate all transactions. In such an enviroment so-called private wealth will become illegal, except for the 2% of the 2% at the top in the new governance system; though, even this must be kept hidden from the masses. So, for most people in the world, all that can be expected is meager daily sustenance from an all-powerful benevolent global dictatorship, which will demand loyalty in exchange for safety and security in a chaotic world visited by numerous on-going planetary catastrophes.

Theodore Roosevelt Charleston says:

I have work in construction for 33 years these are not boom times.

Theodore Roosevelt Charleston says:

They Should have gave every American 1000 dollars to spend that would boost the economy lol

cowboy6591 says:

Whats with the blank space at the end? Bandwidth isn't cheap.

juki0h says:

aint nothing going to happen

George Hillsman says:

I'm Telling You !! Please Don't VOTE IN "2016"

TheKerryzzz says:

Someone needs to get sued for making these false videos. I have seen them for years and it is a scare tactic. You have to realize that some folks take this as the gospel truth. People may go to the bank and grab their whole savings or pay a penalty for cashing in 401 k accts. and then nothing ever happens..

Andrew Wilson says:

Happy holidays X22! Loving your channel, man.

One question – how does Canada play into this? We're getting screwed by oil prices right now, it really doesn't look good.

alexander shekhtman says:

The debt is owed to the evil super shadow world government. If everyone in the world stopped paying all the CCs and mortgages and car loans and student loans for just one month, then the system will crash.

alexander shekhtman says:

if China and Russia are getting off the USD reserves, Petro Dollar, why are they still in the IMF? Why not go all they way? They should drop all alliances and memberships.

World Peace says:


Bartholomew06 says:

yes brother thank u I see this all in NYC especially the machine's banks clise way earlier an have less bank tellers.

Thee Truth seekers says:

here in Mich. we open 3 new automotive plants and 2 just ended a strike for better benefits and they got them also, we are hiring like crazy everywhere so im not sure if this report is regional or not but it doesn't reflect the economy here.

Steve Smith says:

keep up good work Dave, I really appreciate what you're doing, and I'm pretty sure everybody else that wants to hear the truth does too

Mike Lykan says:

Thanks Dave for all your hardwork throughout the year, all the best for 2016.

mike petitpas says:

look around and u will see alot of empty building on main street, every where….

Andrew Simms says:

Doomsday Dave is on point

suda matsuda says:

Everyone that Loves the X22 Report, I have something important to reveal 3:24

Keep rewinding that from 3:24 to 3:26 please I beg you.

M Ibrahim says:

what's with all the slimebags here? Gtfoh if you have nothing useful to say.

runar500 says:

Please have a look at James Corbetts latest work? China is the guinea pig here, and this will be adopted by all nations soon?  Lose the Smartphone, folks?Look up Sesame Credit on Corbett Report, as I am not able to copy / paste the link..

NatureHacker says:

Right on bro. Can you help direct me with info that if the banks parks money at the fed they get interest? Is this interest a loan or is it free printed?

Michael Acimovic says:

.50 percent rate is still zero and the president election is coming. It's not going to last for long.

bullsnutsoz says:

Big ears bazza bananas says christmas surprise; well maybe its on.

Bob Simmons says:

People, if you really want to make a difference in the world, then stop participating in their system. For example, do not participate in these stupid holidays that they set up to encourage you to buy their worthless goods. Just stay at home; and see how fast their system comes crashing down. Don't watch the super bowl; and buy beer, pizza, and potato chips for the game. Don't celebrate the 4th of July and their stupid fireworks. If you really want to get their attention, then just stop participating. It's that simple. Oh, and don't forget to pull your money out of their banks. Lastly, stop participating in their political system: they don't count the votes anyway…So don't waist your time.

stg5ive -- Real Life SHTF says:

Here's a photo inside Toronto's Eaton Centre just 4 days before Christmas–looks dead to me

stg5ive -- Real Life SHTF says:

All those empty office buildings will be used for tiny apartments under the Agenda 21 protocol

Preps Etcetera says:

You mentioned bankruptcy at the 13:30 mark, but we already went bankrupt and insolvent in 1933. the imf already owns everything in the us.

Jo S. says:

I haven't even purchased gifts yet…I mean, why buy more 'stuff'???  I'm just going to find  some goodjokes and tell them during Christmas dinner….

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