Quantum Physics NOVA- Space Documentary 2015

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Quantum Physics NOVA- Space Documentary
Quantum Physics NOVA- Space Documentary 2015
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Space (Hyperspace in the United States) is a 2001 BBC documentary which ran for six episodes covering a number of topics in relation to outer space. The series is hosted and narrated by actor Sam Neill.

“Star Stuff”:The first episode covers the origins of life and how everything is produced by the process in which stars burn their fuel.

“Staying Alive”: This episode analyses the chances of Earth being destroyed by a black hole or asteroid.

“Black Holes”: Episode three looks at how black holes are formed and how they behave, with potential to destroy the solar system.

“Are We Alone?”: Number four looks for potential homes of extraterrestrial life and the chances that humans could make contact

“New Worlds”: The fifth episode covers the possibility of colonising and terraforming planets both in our solar system and beyond into deep space.
“Boldly Go”:The final episode looks at the technologies that are being developed to further enable our venture into space.


Eric Wood says:

Entanglement as it's described here reminds me of the illusion of directories in a computer file system. To the user, a file is made to appear at a different location, with its 'location' in a 'directory' being represented as a kind of physical location. The reality is quite different, however – a file (a chunk of data) has an assigned attribute that tells any interpreting software, such as your GUI file manager or command line file browser, which 'directory' it is 'in.' This is simply metadata. The reality is that the data does not change location on the drive; it is stored on the same physical sectors of the medium regardless of its assigned directory location. 'Moving' a file does not move it in reality, but alters that directory metadata.

If this comparison is true, then physical locations and distances are NOT REAL as we perceive them, but instead are likewise illusory. Entangled particles, in other words, are not actually separated from one another physically as we might suppose based on our observations, but instead are exhibiting attributes that we merely perceive as differences in physical location. This would mean that we are like a computer's software interpreter, taking the raw data of the universe and forming a virtual model based on it that creates the illusion of space and time.

Farseer Flore says:

An ancient video with a string theorist presenting…move along people, nothing to see here.

no1Liikeglenn says:

rebranding 2001 stuf as new out of 2015. Are you mentally challenged? oh and its ok baecause you add that info in tiny text in the descpprition, moron….don subscribe to this "fakehchan" dont help him earn cash this way…….

Sarge!!! says:


Shweeksie on YouTube says:

Anyone know of any good channels that upload stuff from the past year or so, plz link me to the channel, ty.

david mehta says:

This is not 2015 documentary.Change your title text.

andre says:

this is as old as fk

Kevin Arnold says:

this is what you morons do now just copy the same fucking brian green video over and over with different titles and post it ? how lame!

smart451cab says:

This is fraud, pure and simple.
This episode of NOVA aired November 16, 2011 … a full FOUR YEARS earlier than you claim. It is YouTube nonsense and an intentional effort to deceive your viewers.


Nicki nurse says:

I totally agree with Einstein and object to the wording that measurement "EFFECTS" the particle. Measurement effects the information you get, it doesn't effect the particle. The particles are spinning around, constantly in an opposite relationship with each other, so whenever you stop the clock they will be in opposite positions, the measurement doesn't CAUSE that, it just reveals it.

Mr. Squid says:

what if the electron of the atom isn't moving, it's the atom itself. Some things don't like to stay in one place, what if some of those things are some kinds of atoms, and the atoms just trade places constantly?

WorthlessDeadEnd says:

Oh, I can't stand his lisp.

Mike* says:

this video is Old News… / oct, 2003 …we are far advanced than this video today!,

Shahindran Moonieya says:

Consider the fact that Hindu philosophy and thought does not contradict this.  It is quantum in thought, as stated in the Hindu philosophy of Maya as well as the myth of the dream of Vishnu.

Joseph Arellano says:

Atom is not the key to understanding the universe because atom is a compounded matter liable to decay. It is the elemental particles making up atom that is the key. Size is just a matter of number. The atom is just a small version of the universe.

Tony Hull says:

hey ass holes quit recycling the same shit just for more ADD dollars, FUCKTARD

Maranda Smith says:

I love NOVA!!!!

369murphy says:

11 ads, a bit much

369murphy says:

commercials much? ironic that PBS is non commercial.

Reidh Beallagh says:

This has been known since my dad told me about brownian motion, I was 10 in 1950

Leananshae says:

We should apply teleportation to removing tumors and viruses out of human patients as soon as it's even slightly viable.

saburius says:

This is at least 10 years old.

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