Explained: 5 Fun Physics Phenomena

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Explanations for http://youtu.be/1Xp_imnO6WE
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For more on deflecting polar streams with electric fields, see:

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Gaurav Larry says:

So , in the water experiment , it is happening due to electrostatic force of attraction ?

nikhil rayarakula says:

I have a doubt.i know hot air is lighter than cool air , if this is correct, air up the hill should be hot but it isn't, rather it is cooler. why?

mason.w_ says:

He thinks he slick blurring out the Apple logo, like we dont know its an iphone

Hatzi says:

I used to flip my Nokia e63 back in the day and catch it screen facing up with no problems at all, but we all know how superior Nokia is..

Diabolous3x says:

Could have used any other thing to flip, just had to use an iPhone…. nice placement son …. and i still don't want an iPhone, cheers :D

Nathan Linde says:

a better demonstration, or example of water's polarization would be why it is a liquid at all


great work brother………………

Michael Campos says:

Wait about the jumping t bag thing the last one he said the residue of the paper is so light the hot air pushes it up, but isn't there a rule where if a substance undergoes a chemical change it keeps its weight

2663975 says:

I accept your explanation of water containing ions.But as water is a polar molecule the cup repells one kind of charge and attracts the other causing the molecule to rotate thus the charge attracted is now closer to the cup than the charge repelled and force of attraction is inversely proportional to distance so the attraction force is larger than the repulsion force.

dwi rachmelia says:

the teabag rocket, does it has to be tea bag? or its fine with anything paper-like?

SOSA1beast says:

Too many nerds here

David Halabi says:

Mogo is attracted to the cup, or nvm, he can't be

Gastón Oberti says:

Does the water changing direction has something to do with the Coanda effect?

Saishreyas G says:

Nice video. About the water part, it may be the dissolved static charges in water, because the cup, as we know carries static charges. So it may actually be the ions dissolved in the water rather than ions from the water molecule itself.

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