Economy: The Food Collapse is Coming

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jb69 says:

I totally agree with you, these people are sick and cruel to the core.

Laguy211 says:

Everyone please go back and read the prophets then tell me wether is doom and gloom.

Laguy211 says:

Really man you want to defend Babylon aka America, you and every so called believer knows that it's destruction must happen. And brother show me one thing that this country has done righteously towards everyone. I challenge you and if you don't then this video must go down or else you show your alliance to Babylon

Cat A. Tonic says:

I'm sorry, but I'm not sure what your point is exactly. You can't "stop the inevitable".. you can't stop Bible prophecy. Our job isn't to "stop the inevitable" it's to be ready for Christ's return and share the gospel with as many people as we can, to rise above this vial world and shine Christ's love. So again, this rant is a little confusing.

MrFrugal Frank says:

First of all a lot of people do not manage their resources very well.. The 'Party" is much more important >>drugs  ,boooze,,  smokes Iphones, top line cable packages etc.. Not saying some people don't need any help..  Have you ever been at Walmart and seen "Foodstamp" day.. Top line items are  bought on these programs…    Why do people like the Doom and Gloom… Because a lot of folks are fed up with the criminal element created by this society.. People scamming good honest hard working folks… Look around a scammer is near you… Plus a collapse is coming because not everyone can get a FREE RIDE all the time.. WE have new free loaders added to the system everyday…Which puts a bigger burden on the productive folks. Someone has to drive  buy the car.. make the gasoline… deliver it.. sell it… Plant the seed … build the tractor… pay the taxes.. care for the live stock… prepare the food.. sell and safely handle the food… JUST NOT EAT IT…This is why a lot of people are waiting for the big collapse …

BLAST ZONE 2015 says:

good rant, good points made- yes everyone should do thier part to STOP IT,
my beginnings to do this is simply be being aware, and awake to W.T.F. is going on, not being a sheeple…and mst importantly informing others…I wish I could do more- really, but untill then, I at least keep myself informed and ready.

john72ss says:

food collapse????  have you driven  by a micky d's or taco bell or burger king? or jack in the box  lately, the parking lots are full and so is the multi  lane drive thrus!    what food collapse???

CuttinInIdaho says:

I think what people are looking for is not the collapse as much as the return to a constitutional republic with respect to our God given rights…which we have lost. The only way to return to it is some sort of reset. Our leaders snow us and gas light us all the time…with no ramifications for doing so. What it will take for the rest of the of our country to understand, hopefully, is a calamity of their causing for all to see. Calm down…quit all the judging of people who are waiting for the moment of opportunity when we may, hopefully, return to our founding principles as a nation. It is scary to think about what could happen during, but will it not be worth it in the end if what is right, wins?

Deandrea Mullins says:

Been saying this for years. Next December it will be the same thing. Yes prices are going up. They always have. Yes we're in debt but honestly we always have been. You're not trying to stop anything. People like you talk but you won't actually do anything. Talk is cheap.


the reason a lot of people are cheering on doom is because they know the system is corrupt and extremely unfair,and are too lazy to try to effect change, so they prey for god to do the change we should do.

Rural Prepper says:

Do you have a message for us Psychopaths? I just want to tell you that the majority of problems you have aren't caused by those of us who lack the ability to emote. The worlds problems are the responsibility of those who cause conflict.

The view that Psychopaths go around causing problems is a load of horse shit.

Your little civil code of emoting is a big joke as far as I'm concerned. You seem to run around like a headless chickens while your heads in death are far gone speaking words out to hades while the land of the living doesn't hear you.

In reply to your question I don't really seem to notice the world burning around me. I am so emotionally disconnected that major events seem to pass me by. I didn't even notice 9/11, 7/7 and every other major act of violence after that.

Its not a matter of being Evil or having the ability to care but more of a calmness, a heighten sense and a priority for what matters rather than dancing around like a monkey for events that aren't in the major vicinity.

joe king says:

hey if you read the king james bible god is only going to kill all the evil the world will still be here, longer then us guys the king james bilbe is are food, christian prepper hahhah govtment bitches with no back bone or a furture to come for them hahahhahahhahahhahhahahhahahhahh i will have the big smile on my face ooh to late ha die gov and all your friend as well hahhaha come get me, i have ammo for you,

Alex Lewis says:

the appointed time is set and cannot be changed. God desires everyone accept His plan of salvation. Sadly many will not receive Him. But even in chaos God will save many. let's trust in God's Grace and warn all who will listen.

Zeta Gray says:

Not a big fan of humans so apocalypse yay!

pmccoysr says:

U R right about your thoughts on this Freedom Fighter. We must get ourselves and our families and friends ready both physically and spiritually for what we are facing NOW! Not tomorrow. The Truth is no longer available via MSM. The only way is through God's Word (The Bible) and what it says about the endtimes which we are now living. Pay attention and pray for forgiveness and salvation through Jesus Christ (Yeshua).
All things will continue to spin out of control as we move forward, more and more people starving and dying daily. Those that think they can somehow store up enough food and ammo to weather the storm will be sadly mistaken. It's good to prepare, but "It will be as in the days of Noah" and most will be blinded by the corruption of this world.God Protect and Guide us all who await Your Return.

Janet says:

Speaking of waking up, I've recently woken up to the fact that our produce doesn't have as high a nutritional content as it did several decades ago. And it isn't just a slight change, either. I read about it in Scientific American. So speaking of food issues, we are so screwed. We see this obesity epidemic, and try to start cooking fresh veggies and live well, only to find out that doesn't not pack as powerful a punch as it should. It is from soil depletion. You'd think after the Dust Bowl, our farmers and government would learn to farm smart and to farm as naturally as possible. But no, we have gone in the complete opposite direction when it comes to farming as we should. And I agree with you. We need to be really awake, and not just going through a fear porn addiction. We need to be awake and active. We need to be as solution minded as we can.

Luke Dodson says:

chill man no one wants this

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