5 physics experiments for the holidays!

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These 5 holiday-themed physics experiments will keep you and your family busy with science during the winter holidays! All experiments involve materials found around the house. Parental supervision advised .

Flame Eraser – put out a candle by pouring CO2 over the flame! Easy-to-do experiment, and CO2 is made from household ingredients: Baking soda and vinegar. Materials: cups, baking soda, vinegar, candles, matches

Resonant Straws – discover the property of resonance in a straw by creating a home-made kazoo out of nothing but a straw! Materials: straws, scissors

O’ Tinsel Tree – play with static electricity using holiday balloons and tinsel. Materials: balloon, tinsel, confetti

12 Days of Tape – more fun with static electricity, this time using just tape. Sticking tape to various surfaces (including itself!) and then ripping it off results in some fun static electricity experiments. Materials: Tape!

Leidenfrost-y Effect – this simple experiment shows an unusual property of water when it is dropped on a very hot surface. This experiment should involve parent supervision. Materials: pan, stove, water

Host/writer/editor: Dianna Cowern


Thanks to the Dawsons for letting me film in their home (during their ugly sweater party. I came dressed for the occasion.)

Music: APM


Jorge Baes Caetano says:

Your chanel is awesome

Víktor Bautista i Roca says:

What happened to your lips?

D Adams says:

hey dianna!!!

Fred F says:

I found your videos through a link over a year ago, and love your fascination with your subjects, and you make them supremely interesting. I do have to mention, though, that your eyes are incredible.

Regardless, thanks for the videos, and keep going! I'll watch every one. :)

Diego says:

I like this video

Holly Powell says:

I just LOVE you girl! Love the 6th grade science teacher, Mrs. Powell =D

Nanno 1145 says:

lol funny

Abdullah Ar Rafi says:

Now I can spend my holiday with science. Thanx…

Willy Durf says:

She has some chemistry
 for sure.

Pierre Ripplinger says:

You can also make little holes in the straw and play it like a clarinet.

Pepe the Frog says:

Mix baking soda with what?

blame ze engineer 42 says:

happy sciency holidayssss diana !!!!

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