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Salo Lopez says:

So powerful video! Love the tips & tricks in it. I'm in the middle of creating my own website and would love to have a review from you. I'm already in the VIP list. How to reach out when my website it's done? Thank you.

Kyron McKoy says:



Brittany Witt says:

I want to suggest a Facebook group/Free branding workshop called Polish Your Online Brand by Christie Halmick! Check it out! I was able to design my brand style guide, My brand esthetic, my target market, etc. for FREE! Plus she holds contests (in which I was so lucky enough to win 4 months of free access to all her online classes!) & she will helps with any questions in the Facebook group.

keishpeish says:

this is something I am struggling with, thank you

Tamecka Craig says:

Hi Alex!  Thank you for sharing with so many of us.  I have a question…I've been hearing a lot about having an opt-in page pop-up on the home page of websites.  Is this a topic you can elaborate on?  As a makeup artist, I'm always looking to meet my next right-client, and would like to take my current website from blah to BAM!  Thanks in advance!

mish mash says:

I posted a pretty long comment which i removed because it was a little crazy. I will say though that this video came up because of the new Autoplay feature. I wasn't expecting another video to load and your energy at the start almost scared the shit out of me.. It's waaay too over the top for me.. and it is just web design after all.

Lerone Abrams says:

Very insightful video, thank you!

Larissa Swart says:

I just found your stuff and I absolutely love it! I have a website and it makes me feel like a stepped in dog poop!! Not good at all. But your stuff is super inspirational

Norah Nalwanga (Made By Nor) says:

Wow, I've been a little demotivated for a while and I just stumbled across your video but your positivity has really inspired me to go further with my project and everything else in my life. Thank you ☺

Brad Dixon says:

Hey Alex! Great videos. What music tracks are you using in your videos? Do you have a good resource for royalty free music that doesn't sound awful?

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