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Anonymous Calls INTO Thirdphaseofmoon! Are Aliens Killing The Human Race? Shocking Testimony Watch Now 2015 Anonymous Warns The WORLD Of Imminent Threat From Alien Invasion! Also New Footage From THIS Week On Thirdphaseofmoon!

ShouldSavvyPsychicMedium Shares and Speaks Exclusively To Blake Cousins Thirdphaseofmoon In Regards To Her Incredible UFO VIDEO! 9/19/15 Video taken in Snowflake, AZ between 6 – 7 a.m.! Breaking News Interview Follow UP to The Massive UFO Display Over Arizona~~Original Link! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYx_Rf21pu0
POLICE 911 Thousands OF Calls! FLORIDA UFO EXPLOSION!? WHAT THE HECK?? UFO Sightings Breaking News! What Is Happening Over FL 12/12/2015?

Breaking NEWS TODAY Original Link! Young Trillion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJ_J8PaUTJY&feature=youtu.be

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Bill Tsompanidis says:

are you serious? Anonymous is a fucking fruitcake. He sounds like he belongs in a fucking insane asylum. Talk about losing credibility.

Michael Gray says:

what a load of rubbish

Lloyd Janney says:

we are all God's Children . I also believe that God sent us here each with a purpose to full fill. a task is it where. the holy word says he knew u before u where born. even our Lord Jesus came here through birth to save mankind including u me and everyone else. what is ur purpose brother? merry Christ mas /happy new year

Lloyd Janney says:

ur right about being fooled by gov. but I personal believe myself that Lucifer and his army of darkness and demons are also fooling us.

Trent Alvarez says:

THESE ARE OBVIOUSLY FALLEN ANGELS, deceiving man kind out of eternal life with our creator. Doing sexual genetic hybridizations as they were in the days of Noah, yes this is in the bible, and Enoch, etc, Watch Age of Deceit on youtube, you guys all really have no idea what's going on, take it from someone who's spent his whole life researching 'aliens'. For example, did you know the ONLY way to stop an alien abduction is to call out on the name of Jesus, the abduction ends INSTANTANEOUSLY.

THIRDPHASE you have NO EXCUSES for serving up this bs to people and not informing them about the truth of who these beings really are, and if you don't realize it by now you must totally have your head in some deep sand.

Melissa RMT says:

Way to fear monger, like people don't have enough to worry about just now.

Lloyd Janney says:

if God created us.. then who's to say he didn't do els where we may not n first and where not alone in a universe so vast

Lloyd Janney says:

I'm not a parasite, I have actual spent my time trying to make difference, helping others setting example and teaching others,sure their R people who dnt care. I'm not one of them. I want to save this world

Char Man says:

we made no such claim take NO notice.

life paz says:

you bolieve something is happinig is maybey happeng no bolive war is comming mind is the proyector power thing human fight back sprit more power full is love in paz together is happeng yes bolieve this stud happe bee thing love something good happing good up there more biutifull

Sergio Rodriguez says:

the guy is somewhat right but it has nothing to do with a asteroid it has to do with climate displacement

FARTSALOTist says:


spinningwheel8 says:

I wish people would stop being negative to each other and cursing at each other. Geez, were all just trying to figure it out. At the very least could some of you just show some respect for each other?

PEE OUI says:


Nicole Kidman, Kevin Spacey, and Taylor Swift named


Anonymous says:

What a bunch of WACKO'S

Don Foster says:

This is gibberish non sense.
I cant accept a species advanced enoguh to travel space in great distances would be as barbaric as the species man.
Man murders for oil -man kills for sport even -even creatures of the forest don't do that.
And because of mans inability to recognize real value (LIFE) is why we cant advance past wars and poverty these last 3000 years
We (mankind) are a very ignorant species. and We have a long way to go before we can call ourselves civilized.
Civilized worlds wouldn't consider war to build an orderly proper living conditions for all .
They would accept mega billionaires buying their governed members while 1/2 world lives in conditions of poverty
It is we (*mankind) as a species that doesn't recognize the real (VALUE) I doubt aliens are so ignorant as that.
This video offers misinformation and (FEAR)
Lots and lots of disinformation out there always offered with large helpings of fear.
What is happening is a planned event which worked so well the forst time its being used a second time.
Orson Welles causes a nationwide panic with his broadcast of “War of the Worlds”—a realistic radio dramatization of a Martian invasion of Earth.

And that's the science of propaganda. I'm more than confident there will lots of evidence provided to lead a person in the directions of FEAR.
FEAR is used to keep mankind IGNORANT
The fear Religion offers is losing control (power and control)
The devil offered is a scapegoat for our own ignorant actions.
You wont see Made In hell by the Lucifer company on weapons of massive destruction- the boys who are recruited from high school are not possessed bu Lucifer. So the families that keep mankind in fear need a new fear for a new order of fear. And that's what this video assists in doing – whether the man who posted this ridiculous video or not.
Ignorance is horrible disease.
Media is used as a tool – it is not for evacuation anymore – its a tool to steer emotions by using FEAR – as like WMD's .
Media is fully owned- if its broadcast to a public (ITS FOR THE PUBLIC)

TwoFace Dent says:

tell me the name of the drugs you smoking..

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