Trai’D – Nicotine (Fire Me Up)

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Trai’D official Nicotine (Fire Me Up) music viddeo this video was shot by YADI Filmz

You can catch this track on my new mixtape “Young ThundaCat Thee Mixtape” hosted by Dallas Dj Drop go download the mixtape now at

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David Wood says:

An all time favorite.

Carlos Charleston says:

Nigga upgrade dat dancer 

Michelle Goodnight says:

Can we get away take me to another place fire me up watch me smoke my life away to make the stress go away

Michelle Goodnight says:

This my shit

Mrs.Brittany Johnson says:

been listening since day 1 tripple d ish…1 luv keep up da good wrk trai…

Easyjay100 says:

I can't get tired of this song.

Angel Delvalle says:

Smoke my life away (:

Shannon Rains says:

I'm so in love wit you!!!! muahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! THIS RECORD HOT AF~~!!

AGTV says:

talk about a 1 hit wonder

cwayne817 says:

This that real shit trai'd funkytown love this jam fam


I feel you Trai'D 🙂

ogkillabob says:

and in a few years your gonna have lung cancer , jus smoke weed

eboni pleasant says:

hell yea nicotine is good for me and you.

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