Step Outside the Cancer Treatment Box with Ty Bollinger

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How is cancer part of a normal healthy body? Humans constantly produce cancer cells, which are quickly destroyed by healthy immune systems. Sometimes, this normal process goes out of control, and the cancer cell begins replicating. If the body’s defenses can not destroy the cells, it can develop into a noticeable tumor.

Cancers are responsible for 25 percent of all deaths in the United States. Of these, three of every ten cases is from lung cancer.

The industry treating cancer is one of the largest of all branches of medical care. Billions of dollars are spent every year treating the diseases.

Some critics charge the healthcare industry is taking the wrong approach. Many caretakers are looking at how strengthening immune systems can reduce the rates of treatable cancers. This style of healthcare is centered on prevention, encouraging the body to treat itself naturally.

Ty Bollinger is the author of “Cancer — Step Outside the Box.” His work looks at the root causes of cancer, and what can be done to prevent malignant cells from turning dangerous.

Bollinger is our guest on the show today. We will talk about the nature of cancer, and what turns this process into a potentially life-threatening experience. We’ll also discuss what people can do to become a victim, as well as the future of treatment.

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Anna Wellnessclub says:

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– from lack of INFORMATION
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William Gabbert says:

MeatsFish,Eggs ,Milk are NOT "OK" as the link to IGF1 and methionine found in high concentration in animal protein has been definitely associated to increased tumor size.

The only documented benefit of hemp oil is when used in conjunction with Chemo therapy. I have not seen any studies that support the use of laetrile,only anecdotal stories. 
(The Indians in Pakistan probably encountered virtual no toxins and ate a vegan diet -No meats etc…. Doesn't prove anything)

UpInSmokeeee says:

chemo and radiation cause new cancers they kill all ur cells the good and bad and they hope all the good ones come back like riping your yard up and hope only the flowers and grass grow back with no weeds doesnt work like that only way to cure or stop cancer from spreading is mother nature what came with this earth

Bali Wellness Retreat & Bali Yoga Travel says:

Keep up the GREAT work Ty!

Wendi Phan says:

Thank you so much for the wonderful interview!  I often mention these preventatives methods and healthy lifestyle to friends and some think I'm crazy.  Just happy to find this video that talks about pretty much everything I often tell people.  Apricot seeds are often used in Chinese herbal soups and remedies.  It's so tasty and good for you!

itay mitra says:

fantastic, intelligent,,,great great talk,,,,

be_gmofree says:

Ty is sooo awesome and so very knowledgeable

Yousef Behzadnia says:

Hi Ty,

I have watched all 11 episodes about "The Quest for the cures". Thank you so much for so much information.
I do have an urgent question: what is the dosage for cannabisoil?
This question was not answered in the videos. Can you please let me know urgently as my mom is diagnosed with severe long cancer. We are doing the natural treatments with the vitamins and cannabisoil but we are not sure about the dosage of the cannabisoil!

Thanks you so much.

Kit Campbell says:

Yes, the environments affect the human cells. And yes, there are many environmental toxicities.
BUT! The word you keep using – cancer, is just a word to describe the behavior of Candida Albicans. It first starts out as candida yeast and then changes when the immune system is compromised, into a fungus. Exactly as you described using the word 'cancer', this is the behavior of candida fungus.
Check out the research that is finally becoming available 🙂

Dave Rosa says:

this is good to watch i have been using my cooking knowledge 4 the last 2.5 years on my wife's stage 4 colon cancer . 

george griffiths says:

Also, don't forget to reduce stress  which supresses the immune system. A lot of patients report having had emotional trauma or ongoing unresolved issues prior to diagnosis.

Kolo Kai says:

incredible interview

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