My First Chemo Treatment for Breast Cancer

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Chemotherapy Treatment for Breast Cancer


Marcusof sillypoor says:

Hi, how are you now, I know this video was put up in 2008 but i just come across this video now in 2015.
Wish you are well…
I myself just completed my 6 months, 8 cycle chemo treatment 2 weeks ago, did my CT scan and was given the all clear by my doctor, recovering my health and y weight now…
i hope i can fully recover and never need such treatment anymore for the rest of my life…
Chemo treatment is really a drain on my health and i felt terrible after each treatment, all the vomiting, flu like effect, swollen wrist, fingers and toes numbness, loss of appitide… are frustrating…

VBA Scripts says:

cbd helps stop breast cancer and its legal just get it asap.


Hang In There!

worldbusinessvideos says:

Thank you.  Inspirational.  We believers have something to carry us on.  Amen !  I start chemo soon.

Laura Guzman Magill says:

Tisha, I hope you're doing a maintenance program so the cancer doesn't return. Check out my blog on how I was diagnosed with Stage 3B br cancer, it spread during chemo to bones, told i was terminal, then, remission 2 months later. Its not a crazy cure of lemons-asparagus. It's scientific merciful alternative to chemo. Keep checking yourself, getting blood tests often, the cancer is in our stem cells— and the chemo never kills the stem cells. choose 2 beat cancer dot com

Heather A says:

Thank you for posting this! God is good all the time! All the time god is good 🙂

Mad Maggie says:

So you are living up to your name?!
BTW it isn't the cancer that feels bad, it is the treatment that feels bad, so this 'bitch' felt just fine with cancer thank you!

Mad Maggie says:

I don't think that our cancer researchers are evil. If they make new breakthroughs we will get the treatment when it is ready.
Any new treatment would also cost money.

Mad Maggie says:

I had 'the works' of treatment -NO doctor or consultant has told me that chemo will cure me – they told me that the EVIDENCE is that I have a better chance of survival if I had it. I decided to have it!
The reason they do not tell you the downside is because many patients aren't psychologically fit to handle the downside. Experience has shown them that a lot of people do not want to know everything – they just want to get on with the treatment.
Better chance with chemo than without.

cyanidemaiden says:

Yeah good luck with that, its the internet -___-

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