Logic – Nikki (Official Audio)

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The official version of Logic’s “Nikki” audio off his ‘Under Pressure’ album which is out now on Visionary Music Group / Def Jam.

Produced by Logic 6ix

Download ‘Under Pressure’ here:
Deluxe: http://smarturl.it/UnderPressureDlx
Standard: http://smarturl.it/UnderPressureS

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Gabriel Gonzalez says:

Logic and G EAZY bringing rap back #truth

Trinity Estrada says:

logic , I see how u know you die as a slave to the trade. but when you do remember that you died for us, as I will die for them. do yoga and meditation, raise your mind ,

#TooGood says:

Love it so much <3. New favourite song, Logic is fire.

Angelina Nzerem says:

The metaphors are so beautiful and on point in this..love this artist

Randy Stephens says:

Fuck man I have got to stop smoking joes man I'm a living testimony of a slave for nikki…..would spend my last on a pack of Newport's…….

Ricardo Santos says:

Best shiit i ever heard

kaz 420 says:

weird knowing my gf was named nikki and shes white and canadian.

emrynwins bense says:

iv just started smoking

jakilus ricks says:

you guys are idiots he lteraly says what nikki is in the song smfh

ThirdEye47 says:

mary jane over all else

chelston mbakwe says:

The positivity and love that is stemming from this song is amazing me. Like this dude has a true talent that a lot of rappers lack. Truly gifted, and definitely an artist to watch for.

Kevin Napier says:

I haven't smoked on almost a week now. When I feel myself about to give in, I listen to this song the line "slave for the nicotine" really spoke to me. thank you Logic.

Sanica Kaba says:

even though i already know this song since it came out i still listen to it i love the message and the whole thing in general he took his addiction and changed it and helped us through our addictions that means something and is powerful that is pure music and song writing

Slapping Things says:

After reading these comments this song makes logic look like a hero

Collin says:

Nikki means nicotine

CrazyMc Official says:

I don't even have problems using those chemicals. I came here because this is fire. I know what it means though. We all know SupaHotFire is your ghost writer.

CrazyMc Official says:

"A Free man who born as a King. Who Died as a slave" Best Line in this song. This Is Fire.

late game says:

696 dislike

DellronHD - CSGO, Elsword Etc. says:

I understand people think Nikki is a girl yes it is a girl name but it's so fucking easy listen really closely at 0:08 "I can feel you in my lungs, feel you in my veins Bloodstream only way to make it to my brain" I can feel you in my lungs well if you smoke a cigar, weed or even "Nicotine" you feel it in your lungs. Next Feel you in my veins well it damages your veins and bloodstream only way to make it to my brain same thing as veins. I am pretty sure a girl can kiss you to your lungs (Unless if you french kissing).
See how easy it is I caught it in a second.

Mishnaree Mincey says:

New Logic fan now, Just found out about this guy two days ago, now his one of my favorites by far.

Jpizzle says:

this was just dope

Wadson Charles says:

favorite song of all time

Bobby B. says:

better than anything on the radio these days

Isaiah Mendoza says:

@mexican obviously you didn't quit if you quit 20 times retard

Time Vyrox says:

Logic this what im talking about

Aaron Patterson says:

I'm kinds mad that this song is the first one I heard from Logic. Really ruined the surprise from the entire album in context

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