HUGE CROWD Witness!! [RINGS OF FIRE] HAARP UFO Phenomenon! Multiple VIDEOS 2015

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HUGE CROWD Witness!! UFO Sightings Rings OF Fire HAARP UFO Phenomenon! Multiple VIDEOS 2015 You Have Never Scene This Before! Tom Trebbow submits UFO Video To Thirdphaseofmoon Video Link

Thirdphaseofmoon is looking for the best UFO footage Shot by People Like you from Around The World! Upload your ufo Video To Youtube, Then Copy Paste The Link To My Email! Keep Your Eyes on the Skies! We are not Alone!

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Jose P says:

its called HARP the gov controling weather

Adolf Hipster says:

end times are surly near

David Rico says:

Metallic particles being sprayed by government flown heavy aircraft reflecting the sunlight.

David Rico says:

geoengineering aka chemtrails. God only know's what the government is spraying on the folks.

Scott David Lucas says:

CHEMTRAILS made by AIRCRAFT. Question the ring you see.

itryit 32 says:

it is a " Halo"check it on Wikipedia

John Smith says:

The sky glows red in Spokane at night when there is full thick cloud cover. It is very strange…

Nancy Kitchin says:

I think this is a reflection from another object closer to earth.

Melvin Munoz says:

revalation 16:14 look that up very big info!!!!!!

Melvin Munoz says:

oh yeah Detroit not to long ago put up a statue of the devil….with two little kids next to him…sick!

Melvin Munoz says:

wounder who they contacted

Melvin Munoz says:

and cern…… they built the dam thing on a biblical peace of land and open up black holes or portals…the statue is the god of shiva…. look that up… and the logo is made of three sixs!!! the bible aslo mentions about the key to the abyss that frees apollyon……and the locust that come out with him…… hmmmm if im correct scientists say they made contact threw…hmmm i wounder who the contracted….

Franz Manderscheid says:

das ist kein regenbogen. sieht eher aus wie eine reflektion von der sonne oder ein kamerafehler,ihr gestörten amys

Denise Fedorchuk says:

cracks in the dome!


It's just Handyman drawing Spaghetti-Os in the sky.

Just in case…
Handyman was a character played by Damon Wayans on a sketch comedy series from the 90s called In Living Color. I'm getting old.

Melvin Munoz says:

oh yeah and aliens do exist!!!! ephesians 6:12 tell us we face powers and principalities not flesh and blood!!!! so aliens are demons….they can change forms that's why some of these ufo videos u see are color objects u cant make of….!

Melvin Munoz says:

ok lets take a look at apple or i phone….. u see we where born into the great deception the bible talks about…we are the future kids… this country was founded or better yet conquered by Luciferians and they lied about Columbus! bite the apple to gain knowledge thats ur iphone….GOD says he is a GOD of two eyes not one! pay attention to that comment as well…

Melvin Munoz says:

here's a lil something to think about…. research this and see for ur self. Barack means lightning im Hebrew if im correct and if im also correct in the bible it mentions the lawless one would come from the east to the west like lightning! how funny that trump was questioning obama for his birth proof!?!?!? and its been arguably known that hes from the east and a devoted Muslim! amazing how he has changed American laws witch would condemn us under biblical law!!!!

John Creegan says:

People don't you see the PLANES SPRAYING CHEMICALS. It's so obvious then the sun reflects these rainbow effects. But you are also being sprayed with harmful chemicals which have a slow effect on your health. Look up Whatintheworldaretheyspraying. WAKE UP your skies are being poisoned and all you say is look up what is that? Protest NOW before NWO

puk says:

we have rings around the moon on a regular basis here in Australia

Melvin Munoz says:

ok guys i live in the chi straight up realistic person f all the b s##t… i go pics off two suns in april 2015 also was working on a restoration sight and when i walked on to the back yard deck i looked up and saw those dam jets releasing those dam chemicals! and saw exactly what this video shows!!!!! got pics of the two suns from my window at home and pics of the rainbow around the sun and the ring around that….ive been on this shit since only 7/8 yrs cant explain in a nut shell but here's whts going on…. the world leaders have always known thr truth…..Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth!!!! BIBLE! GODS gift to us… and these government jerks are hiding the truth from us…. those planes are knocking 4 or 5 birds with one stone!!!! THEIR HIDING THE SINGS IN THE SKY SO WE WONT KNOW JESUS IS COMING!!!!!or who knows what else we would be seeing! if im right…and i hope im fin wrong! but the destroyer is in revalation. think about what it says????? one thir of the trees, fish and people will die! thats all the dam junk of meteors planet x is dragging along with it. thats why all the money for space! and all the fema camps! i got answers for any questions…. how i know stuff? by understanding all fields then put them together!!!

Laloman Mc says:

these huge halos and rainbows around the sun do to these poisonous chem trails just proves that there's a Firmament Dome above us! These circle halo effects are caused/shaped to the dome's shape…

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