How to Deal with a Nicotine Withdrawal | Quit Smoking

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There are two types of withdrawal from nicotine. There is physical withdrawal and there is emotional withdrawal. For the physical withdrawal there are nicotine replacement therapies which have nicotine in them and will help you withdraw slowly physically. Nicotine addiction is 80 percent psychological, it’s 20 percent physical. Either way it can be a very difficult withdrawal.

One of the first suggestions I have is to treat yourself like a little kid, like a child. Get plenty of rest. Eat proper nutritious meals. Nap when you’re tired if you can. Take walks around the block. Or, if you live near a body of water or in the mountains, take a beautiful walk and look at the sky.

Deep breathe. Breathe in and out. Drink a lot of water. That will also help you with cravings. And the deep breathing will help you when you’re feeling panicky and full of anxiety. It’s the first thing a paramedic will tell you when you’re feeling terrified. When you see a tragic accident a paramedic would tell you, take deep breaths slowly in through your nose and out through your mouth. Well, it works the same way with the nicotine withdrawal.

There are many things that you can do to also help you with nicotine withdrawal. Don’t let yourself get too lonely. I’ve already mentioned tired. If you’re angry try to deep breathe. Try to talk it out with a friend whatever’s going on, because these things can be exacerbated by the withdrawal. You could end up picking up a cigarette instead of dealing with the actual situation.

I recommend you try all of these things. Please, reward yourself. Be good to yourself. Don’t pick up a cigarette.


Teagan Fong says:

haha deep breathe?

Xavier Rose says:

So soothing

Muhd Haekal says:

I love you dude every great advice is perfectly right what he says 


This guy's voice is pissing me off

Satya G says:

Haribo gummy bears take away cravings

faidin says:

12 pounds so far =(

Max Saalberg says:

How much? That's one thing I'm worried about

faidin says:

Either way, I'm glad I'm done with smoking – haven't looked back. The only regret I have is that I gained weight once I quit.

Max Saalberg says:

For all you know it could be. Watermelons are around 90% water, but it's still a solid object that you wouldn't think contains that much water (besides the name 'water'melon lol)

faidin says:

80% psychological my ASS.

AtlasRedux says:

20% physical and 80% mental …
Tell that to the hammering headache I have (I never get headaches, not even when hung-over) and just about everything going wrong with the stomach.
In fact, your entire digestive-system is so affected, many doctors warn to and tell you to contact them as it can outright be dangerous to quit cold turkey.
Personally I have massive headaches, acid reflux and diarrhea, so I don't trust this video at all.

Chris Finnell says:

Chewing gum is also a good replacement, that's how my Dad quit.

ninjaa54 says:

Drinking water really helps

OrigamiesForNoobs says:

why do they make suckin vids now they needa make a video like the older ones

OrigamiesForNoobs says:

fourth comment unless someone posts a comment while in typing this

Sean Bateson says:

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