Full Web Design Course – Lesson 1: Domains, Hosting, DNS and FTP

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This video details the basics on how to create a website. In this video you will learn:

1. How to buy a domain name
2. How to create a hosting account
3. How to change the DNS of your domain name
4. How to upload files to your server via FTP


Sarah Jewell says:

I was cracking up watching this. I loved when they would whisper in the background. The comedy (seemingly unintentional) kept me engaged. Good vid. Thanks for posting it!

David Bielby says:

Too hard to see the text you are entering and talking about on my screen.

Joeffry Deniz says:

I am Impressed with the simplicity by which this lesson is thought. Very Impressive!

‫مهران كثير الصمت‬‎ says:

Thank you, its a little bit confusing, but definitely helpless for newbies to understand it. in the other hands it could be usefull for someone knows about hosting and domaining and he/she needs to set things in a tidiness way  . thank you any way

salaman Hamidkohzad says:

this is annoying, feels like a un-funny comedy script… that other guys annoying

Paul James says:

the other guy is so annoying, i can concentrate

Hugo Sequeira says:

that was a condescending tutorial

md shivly noman says:

oh yes, its owesome……. i really want this tutorial for expert webpage design…..

xbuster17 says:

use a compressor ffs! nah just kidding but i really missed some of the stuff cause of bad audio, if you want i can fix it for you, i really wanna learn all of this it's very interesting, i also speak spanish, is there an easy way to do this without paying for dns and hosting? i assume that you can do those things in your own computer or another computer connected to the internet to do a test run and practice html and all of this cool stuff but for free =)?maybe share it with friends a little too

M Srikanth says:

Looked like a blind (instant) class. A bit of home work, planning & example of a direct domain than a sub-domain would have been better. It is a good video though for beginers like me.

Amy Thompson says:

This was fun to watch. Your student ask questions that one would not think would be ask. Good video for learning on both sides of teaching. Sometimes, so much information that we forget that others are not understanding every little thing. They want to make sure to get everything, but when we tell them it is not important, they wonder why we mentioned it. It is best to know that it will come easy and you will learn it as you practice logging into and out of account and working with website.

Iflalmsm says:

very interesting….thank you

Nuwan Hettiarachchi says:

I like your ease in learning 🙂

Nikki M says:

This was helpful…I got your jokes, they weren't bad lol. Thanks for the info, now I'm off to Lesson #2

Yukicx U says:

I have been watching all your videos! Great help!

Hasan Aykut says:

thanks very good

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