The Excretory System: From Your Heart to the Toilet – CrashCourse Biology #29

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Hank takes us on the fascinating journey through our excretory system to learn how our kidneys make pee.

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Campbell Biology, 9th ed.

Table of Contents
1) Homeostasis & Osmoregulation 00:00
2) Urea & Uric Acid 01:30
3) Kidneys 02:49
4) Nephron 03:40
5) Glomerulus 4:15
6) Bowman’s Capsule 04:25
7) Proximal Convoluted Tubule 04:49
8) Biolography 06:16
9) Loop of Henle 07:36
10) Distal Convoluted Tubule 09:23
11) Collecting Ducts 09:57
12) Ureters, Bladder & Urethra 10:45

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Lindsey Berg says:

i think i gotta pee


KCee J says:

Although this may sound like a stupid question, I am curious. With what was said about the kangaroo rat and the beaver, does this mean that a beaver would die almost instantly of dehydration if displaced from his natural habitat to a very dry land and a kangaroo rat suffer from water retention if moved to a place abundant with water? I must know!

JamdungNatural says:

Can you speak a little slower? it's like he's racing

Aliza canjura says:

I love watching this  show at half speed because he sounds drunk and its entertaining XD

Maeve Kelehan says:

watched this is biology 2day

John Mark Gil Mecarsos says:

"which empties out wherever you point it" LMAO! I know what you mean. -)

Isabella zzstu Kassa says:

I cannot even begin to tell you how much these crash courses have helped me through honor biology. This channel is a true lifesaver

DareOrDream says:


Joshua Gabriel-Black says:

This guy has to have a teleprompter!

peppermint patty says:

I love this guy. he's awesome. he's funny and he loves what he talks about. I listen to him in the car. studying anatomy made fun!!

Cassidy Napora says:

I learned more in the twelve minutes I spent watching this video than I did in the two weeks  spent sitting in class. Thank you so much!

Anja Maraj says:

Your videos are awesome, love the humor, love the colorful graphics and the information is concise but covers the important points.  I used your videos to study for my massage therapy exam instead of reading the books….Keep doing what you do!!!!!

Vercingetorix says:

did he just say cradle of filth cover band?

Leann Weaver says:

"Empties out wherever you point it."

Gaming Clan says:

Cool video you very smart. You should subscribe to our channel

Pratyaksh Dhiman says:

Your videos are very much grasping but, if slow down you slow accent you can get more views and videos could be more understandable.

Karen Calipus (Kare) says:

Bravo. Excellent video. 

Jeff Pirroni says:

whats that thing at the collar of his shirt? is that a mic? just wondering..

Sam Saucedo says:

What book is that?! Henle: The King of the Excretory System? I can't find it anywhere.

Jennah Portillo says:


A'zani Carpenter says:

2 AM is a great time to be crash coursing on pee.
oh joy xD

Niharika Kaushik says:

Thank you this is greatest video, helped me so much!

Crazy “Sameul Shreedhar” Duck says:

Scientists are so pretentious when it comes to naming things

aebinn newsomm says:

What happened to your suit? Its not the same without your suit!

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