The Economy Is Alreaday Collapsing And A Fed Rate Increase Will Accelerate The Problems:Andy Hoffman

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Today’s Guest: Andy Hoffman

Miles Franklin
Precious Metals And
Global Investment Strategies

YouTube: Miles Franklin

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Br Erickson says:

Very interesting, seriously.At about the ~17:00 minute mark the guest is asked about continuing lower oil prices which will seriously do damage to many world economies. He does not answer predictions that war will save the lagging price of oil. And really, must. How many country's financial broad welfare are derived from $100/oil. And are suffering now?

Josh Weiss says:

i usually agree with andy but can someone describe to me how and where declining food prices are… because everytime i go to the store beef, milk, eggs, and groceries in general are through the roof…. unless i interpreted it wrong.

writingstation 7 says:

nothing will happen.

新年号角 says:

he has no idea what's up in middle east, lol

Tom Skilling says:

you people have been predicting a collapse for 7 years and nothing still has happened. never will you dip shit

Ken Brownfield says:

China and Russia is dropping the dollar as a petro currency  and you're saying the dollar is surging???

Ian UK says:

i got that wrong China is the world's biggest importer and nil exporter

Ian UK says:

Chris Martenson's latest update on YouTube states that China is importing 50 to 60 tonnes of gold per week and India about half that amount. China is the world's biggest producer of gold and exports none. I believe global gold mined is around 2,500 tonnes…so that means China is buying up at say 55 tonnes a week 2,860 tonnes of gold a year. One country, the world's biggest exporter and nil exporter is buying up more than the world's mining production of gold per year, and India in buying half the world's production. They are not doing this for no reason. They know with a global fiat currency and even the SDR will just be another global fiat currency that will be a political minefield and tantamount to a new US Dollar paradigm is American Neo-conservatives and bankers have their way, will not work. In the end of the paper game, he who has the gold and backs their currency by gold has the power. The west is haemorrhaging gold at a surreal rate in physical to the east. This will have long-term consequences for prosperity, as the only real solution to this global fiat currency fiasco is a golden one.

muddyriverdogz says:

Farmers are not worried about it.They get massive subsidies.They are the welfare queens of welfare queens.Go to this site and pick a zip code near you to see what a neigboring farmer gets. Plus they dont pay tax on any purchases.

pato milbert says:

My hearing is getting bad, for a second I thought Andrew said California left the union. I almost yelled wooooopeeee. We can go to war with Mexico and get it back once and for all.

pato milbert says:

Jew York already got most of what we put into company chosen Mutual funds. We had to choose among a list to get the matching dollar. The whole system is smoke and mirrors, big scam, now that we are retired we have our social security and thats it. If I had not built a house without borrowing a dime, logging the logs, peeling, paying no employee we would have nothing after 2008. We have a government to hold us down so their buddies in Jew york can rob us and drag the booty to Isrealhell, and invest in the East. Wake up, we have the best Government money can buy. The police state is being put in place to help the rape continue.

Alejandro Sánchez-Seco López says:

I appreciate your economic knowledge. Regarding Catalonia (Spain), I thing you have to study a little more.

Juan Lopez says:

this was one of the better interviews

hew jorgen says:

great interveiw dave

brian kelly says:

jew bankers enslave the world!

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