The Economic Indicators Are Reporting A Collapsing Economy – Episode 849a

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Report date: 12.22.2015

Euro zone approves another billion for Greece, pushing the country further into debt. Existing home sales crashed. Manipulated GDP shows the economy grew by 2.1% with inventories surging to the highest level. Baltic Dry Index holds steady at all time lows at 477. Obama has increased the national debt by 8 trillion dollars. The world of work has changed, and the rate of change is increasing. US pushing many countries to reveal banking customers or face a fine. Russia continually adds to its gold holdings.Finland wishes they never accepted the Euro offer.

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Elvis Omic says:

Our last christmas goodbye people and maybe i'll see you in a town that im going to barter in lol

Dimitri Vincheov (Truth Soldier 56) says:

world markets are feeling the Santa Claus are up everywhere the last couple of days…tired of seeing manipulation everywhere

Greg B says:

What could go wrong with this kind of thinking: Bernanke Quote of the Day: "The U.S. government has a technology, called a printing press (or today, its electronic equivalent), that allows it to produce as many U.S. dollars as it wishes at no cost."

larry miller says:

I think your money is better off in a credit union than a bank at least I hope so

writingstation 7 says:

market's are back in the green again, oil has risen. I can't see any collapse.

Kevie K says:

Lol @ 3.35

AK N says:

restart and use the accounts of the Fed Reserve owners to pay off some debt.

Docile Nemesis says:

the last couple of videos have went for 15 mins then the remaining amount of time is a blank screen what's going on dave

Rise Above says:

lmao I am wasting my time stocking up on ammo and food .

Lightning77305 says:

How many more years is this going to drag on?

Oswaldo Canales says:

here in the Coachella Valley ( California ) Restaurants and retail stores are closing. today I went to the mall Gap is closing.

BIGDO13 says:

I just don't think it's going to happen… Or rather, they won't let it happen… They'll literally start WWIII before they let the country slide into another undeniable recession. As long as the rich are doing well, that's all the facade they need to keep the pleb's dreaming that they can attain the same… The powers that be want the poor and middle class fighting with one another constantly and to be in a long painful death spiral… That's how they control us. The privileged don't live like us and aren't in a recession… They have recovered a long while back now.

Adam L says:

If the economy is truly collapsing, why do the housing prices in LA county are going up??

Naturebatslast says:

Forbes ranked Finland 7th most happiest country, and is considering a basic income for it's citizens.

Robert Nash says:

Wow David are you sure about that!
100 million every single hour. That's crazy!

Diversity is codeword 4white genocide! says:

Merry Christmas X22 Report!

Michael Acimovic says:

German companies are taking airports and tourist sites in Greece.

Mark Patton says:

Troll here, still waiting for that pay-check.

John White says:

Thanks for the new intro, Dave. It's a big improvement.

Kim Hannan says:

I am not a troll. My question is innocent. I believe we, the American people, ARE in trouble. I just don't understand what that means. Can somebody please explain to me what EXACTLY it means that our economy is crashing/collapsing. How does that affect us? I was here in 2008. It was rough. I lost my home to foreclosure. But I survived it. I got a new house. I know it IS worse now, but HOW is this going to be worse than then?

Myke says:

Again with the clickbait titles eh

Michael H says:

If it wasn't for the Social Media we might still be talking about this in 200 years time!

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