The Best Free Windows Software 2015

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In this video I will be going over 10 must have apps for a Windows computer.

#1 Malwarebytes Official Download Page:

#2 CCleaner (Crap Cleaner) Official Download Page:

#3 Defraggler Official Download Page:

#4 Google Chrome Official Download Page:

#5 VLC Media Player Official Download Page:

#6 Adobe Photoshop Official Download Page:

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) Official Download Page:

#7 iTunes Official Download Page:

#8 Steam Gaming App Official Download Page:

#9 Blender 3D Animator Official Download Page:

#10 Oracle VirtualBox Official Download Page:

Other awesome applications!

Audacity Music Editor:

Sony Vegas Pro:

Camstudio Free Screen Recorder:

Camtasia Video Studio:

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ninnie smith says:

Great thanks AAA+++

Kaden Elliott says:

pls help

Kaden Elliott says:

lies lies the malbytes keeps gving me acrade twist the fuck

iHeartu2ube est. 1996 says:

Fotor is good with photo editing

Mazxlol says:

haha iTunes really? wow! Winamp destroys itunes. i cant believe you mentioned itunes, i guess you must be using an iphone. or maybe its a sign im getting old. I still use winamp 2.95 ;)

sheeplehunter1 says:

Emsisoft anti-malware………. malwarebytes anti malware malwarebyte anti expolit kit hitmanpro CCleaner pro bitdefender internet secrutiy Hide me VPN Cromodo and Firefox

NocFA says:

Most of this video was good other than the malwarebytes comment when you said they had the most extensive and abundant database. This is not true, that award goes to bit defender which is still the best paid anti virus globally. The thing is military grade lmao

Stacey Matthews says:

Thanks for sharing such a windows free software video. I would also like to share a source free antivirus for windows. Know more about it here:

Diane Davis says:

please more!!!!

Dileep Music says:

hi , is this Malwarebytes  going to turn off windows defender when we install /windows 10

mrbig daddymaz says:

I'm surprised you never mentioned musicbee over itunes.

Tribulation Prepper says:


Tribulation Prepper says:

That's a drag! Better see a doctor…. SOON

Hayes Hine says:

Get a better mic…

James Wallace says:

Actually, Blender has a video editing mode. Mikeycal Meyers (on Youtube) has instructional videos showing how to use Blender as a video editor.

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