Math Antics – Decimal Arithmetic

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MR. Awesome says:


MR. Awesome says:


ryan calica says:


Taimaa Alkhatib says:

can you do video on how to multiply using grid method

Solid Bro's says:


Solid Bro's says:


AboudiCool MC says:

Can you make a video of evaluating expressions +mathantics

Kaba Shamim//LionmasterHk7 says:

Hi there I learn a lot from you!!!!

Harrison Lin says:

how about decimal algebra?

Arham Khan says:

please put a video about geometry formulas

AnimalJamParadise #Gamer says:

This helped so much! We didn't even learn multiplying and diving decimals yet,and I already know it! Thank you so much! I ❤️ Math Anitcs!!!

Иван Илиев says:

I wish to have more teachers like you.I am here specially to learn English.Yes,visualizing your lesson make me to learn specific terms which are essential in life.Otherwise i forgot basic maths skills owing to my mediocre daily life and I am ashamed.Thank you.Subscribed.

Nour Yousif says:

Do you think you can do a video on how to Do Bedmas using intergers and also Study tips please☺

Marie Campbell says:

I really appreciate your and love your videos that's why I subbed a while ago I feel they will help my son he's not doing so good in math thanks heaps

Emmy Rose says:

i feel like more people should be more open to this channel bc it really helps

Raymond Brady says:

I honestly feel
More people should be subscribed its so easy to forget simple formulas you may need in everyday life

RekterRoar says:

How have you only got 903 Views when your have 110k and u only got 91 likes and 12 comments Thats poor Big youtubers at ur standard are getting 5k views 1k likes in an hour dude i have 1k subs and im getting over 100 views and over 50 likes

ItzRiley says:

Jeff Ridgeway? Is that you?

Nadir Yusuf says:

Thank you so much.

Bedro Muhsin says:

Great video sir keep up the good work

scarlet francois says:

Hopeing to get an A next time

scarlet francois says:

After watching these videos i got a B in my end of term test

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