Evolution: It’s a Thing – Crash Course Biology #20

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Hank gets real with us in a discussion of evolution – it’s a thing, not a debate. Gene distribution changes over time, across successive generations, to give rise to diversity at every level of biological organization.

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Table of Contents
1) The Theory of Evolution 1:49
2) Fossils 2:42
3) Homologous Structures 4:36
4) Biogeography 7:02
5) Direct Observation 8:52

References for this episode can be found in the Google document here: http://dft.ba/-2Oyu

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Hannah Hanson says:

I'm a Christian and I have no idea as to why belief in evolution and belief in God have to be mutually exclusive.
(Anyways, thanks for these videos! This is how I study.)

Mike Dick says:

how do organisms actually change their traits to survive an enviorment like whales losing their legs to live in the ocean

Claire Raines says:

Did I miss one on epigenetics? Its always on the AP exam!

Johsko says:

Evolution is stupid. If people evolved from monkeys, why are there still creationists?

Max Alain says:


Katelynn Hernandez says:

Crash Course is my saving grace! :)

Olivia Rutledge says:

my name is Olivia Rutledge Tully

Tyler Boyette says:

This guy is a pure fucktard with no friends or social life. He lies saying we came from monkeys or apes which that makes no damn sense. If anybody likes this Dickheads fucker you should all be ashamed of your yourselves.

Beatriz Antillon says:

Wait, but.. Macroevolution is the evolution you see at the level of genus and higher, while microevolution is seen at the level of species. It's not necessarily fully defined by time, but by what evolves (one specifically species or its genus or WIDER)

Tasnim Rosdi says:

Atheist don't believe in God, but they believe in theory. Very funny…

101Crock says:

I hate how smart videos attract idiots.

Adi Tya says:

Assuming he exists, God would still have been the one to create everything… The universe… Humans evolved from what God created. By that time, human intelligence may have mixed with primal instinct as a sense of right and wrong, and perhaps what people thought was right was represented by the thought of God?

Bungiucifer TV (Bungiucifer) says:

The only truly scientific stance is to admit we don't really have a clue. Genetic information has changed. Humans and chimps are kinda similar…well no shit, but nobody fucking knows how, when, or why it happened.  This guy in the video is a chode smoker. He says that marsupials were favored in Australia…well no shit again, genius. These frauds entirely skip over the origins and go straight to the elimination. Nobody asked why we don't have kangaroos in America. Most mutations in genes are hardly beneficial and there is no thorough explanation on how one of these mutations would manifest itself into a perfect flight capable body structure as seen in birds for one example of life's amazing variety. All they offer is another elimination theory cult just like their Nazi and Judeo-Christian (i.e. Book of Revelations) forefathers.

Laila S says:

Why is everybody so angry? Evolution shouldn't contradict religion, if it were proved. Science doesn't disprove the existence of God. In my opinion, it reveals there is a Majestic Creator. No need to yell at each other.

abhishek pillai says:

Lemon Walks????????????????????????

RichireX says:

The Big Bang is illogical.

RichireX says:

Evolution is a secular religion.

RichireX says:

So, before I get attacked by evolutionist. Microevolution is real, but not macro evolution. Yes, im a creationist. I bet someones gonna yell at me right now

Alec McKinney says:

Wait so other organisms on other planets may not have DNA or RNA? What would make up their genetic structure then?

Emily Charland says:

I love crash course, but this is complete rubbish. Evolution is not a thing. If it was it would be called the LAW of evolution, not the THEORY

Blake Beacham says:

I am a Christian and I have no problem with evolution its a really cool concept that makes since with most creatures

Colin Skinner says:

This is such an utter failure of proving the statement that macroevolution is a thing. Immunities is one thing. Mosquitos turning into an animal over time? That's never been directly observed, as he admits.

Colin Skinner says:

He fails to account for the origin of information. He fails to account for the 99% of mutations (which is how macroevolution HAS to occur) which are negative. That's right out of my liberal college textbook, "99% of genetic mutations are harmful to a speciies." The response I anticipate is obviously "well, that's cuz the earth is so darned old." You also don't know that. You do know that the age of the earth has surprisingly been being said to be older and older to account for the sheer improbability of evolution by natural selection accounting for the complex creatures we find ourselves to be.

Colin Skinner says:

A lot of bold statements being made here. 2,100 fossils of dinosaurs have been found total and he wants to use that record of extinct bits and pieces to say that macroevolution occurs? Secondly, he starts talking about similarity in morphology and genetics to say "we come from a common ancestor." Ok. What am I supposed to do with that? Is that evidence? I have notebook paper at work, some comes from staples and some came from Wal-Mart… they look exactly the same though. That simply proves nothing.

Mind the craft says:

For all those evolution and God don't mix SCREW u I'm Catholic and believe in Evolution and get pissed when people think evolution and God don't mix.

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