Biology of Belief – by Bruce Lipton (full documentary)

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The Biology of Belief: An Interview with Dr. Bruce Lipton

From : May/ June 2005

BL: The new mechanism of evolution suggested by the new biology you describe in your book is one that
consists of repeating patterns of self-similarity; it is a pattern based upon fractal geometry*. The
significance of fractals is that they represent basic patterns that are iterated (repeated) over and over
again. If you can recognize a pattern at one level of the structure you can apply that awareness to
understand the patterns throughout the whole structure.
LG: Right, like the Fibonacci patterns** found in nature?
BL: Right, so basically the evolution of human civilization is self-similar the evolution of a single giant organism. We are *humans are the cells in that ‘ social’ organism. The relevance is that human civilization will evolve through the phases that characterized the evolution of animals, Human civilization will go through evolutionary phases that are redundant to previous evolution patterns. For example, in
the evolution of vertebrate animals, the pattern provided for fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and
mammals, an evolutionary jump occurred between each of these major classes of organisms, Civilization
is in the process of such a jump now, as we are evolving from a reptilian-based civilization to a
mammalian-based civilization. The intellectual character of our culture’s leadership is currently most
similar to that of reptilian behavior. And yet more advanced mammalian characters yourself and myself
are in the process of rewriting a new blueprint for civilization, different from the way we are living now.
Reptiles are ‘conscious,’ and do not express the trait of ‘self-consciousness.’ What that means is that
they live for the moment but they have no conception or vision about how their actions today affect
civilization tomoorow.

To read the whole interview please follow the link below.


cortizmesa says:

Por favor coloquen la en español toda completa gracias de ante mano

ajinkya tikhe says:

A non-biology student, yet, the video was sufficiently effective to understand. The topics connected really well and were sensibly sequential. Great!

frank brandom says:

Wow, great presentation.

Tim Bowers says:

a human is made up 50 to 75 trillion cells.

Tim Bowers says:

"PERCEPTION may not correctly represent the REALITY of the environment." 95% of cancer is due to invalid, maladaptive 're-write' of genetic code due to misperception.

Tim Bowers says:

"a signal from the environment activates the DNA" … DNA does not 'control' or 'predestine" cell behavior. DNA only RESPONDS to signals from the environment.
So, what are the SIGNALS that trigger expression of oncogenes?

Jack Rigby says:

There is a simple fundamental explanation for the confusion in the area of "mind over matter" and that is we need both attitude and application to make anything work in life.Easy summary:"If you think you can you might, but if you think you can't, you are right"

slotenmakerdenhaag says:

Also, I doubt very much that the whole of what Lipton has been talking about can be summarized as "by adjusting your perception you can re-write your genes". If he was just saying your behavior has an impact on the genetic expression, that might be more acceptable. Statistical research might then be able to establish whether those who experience more stress in their lives also have higher instances of cancer. This is the danger of attempting to present scientific arguments and data to the public.

slotenmakerdenhaag says:

Also, I find his equation of "belief" with "perception" simplistic. Cells don't "believe" they perceive. Only at the level of human consciousness do we actively engage with trying to "predict" our environment.

slotenmakerdenhaag says:

I "perceive" and enormous leap of faith in this talk. I get the concept of perception but as Lipton explains it, the model he uses employs chemical "signals" from the environment. To scale up this model and apply it to human perception itself seems quite a considerable leap. One might be tempted to conclude that he is suggesting that our own beliefs are giving us cancer. What about chemicals that directly interfere with the signaling mechanisms?

Chartoise says:

I'm kinda bummed that it's produced by "Spirit 2000"… And that it starts with that Eastern style meditation music.

Because that insinuates new age stuff, while this video isn't new age… It;s science… And you scare away the scientists if you introduce God, new age or conspiracy…

Robert G says:

Very interesting especially when he talks about proteins as receptors and effectors. Antennas receive. There are receptors for different kinds of signals, sight sound touch the most obvious. But does that mean there are protein receptors for ESP signals…intuitional signals? Hummmmm.

Nicholas Mays says:

so as soon as i think to move… each protein in my cells that need it get a calcium molecule? that fast?
By the way my jaw is dropped. If this doesn't make you love yourself I don't know what will.

Joe Schmoe says:

While I love the book I cannot agree that belief is the major controller of genes. I think he goes a little too far. Take for instance young healthy people who die from cancer or heart attack. Ordinarily one must assume they are happy as they go about their lives exercising living a good lifestyle etc yet many contract cancer and have heart attacks while running. This in my opinion goes against the biology of belief. Environment is in my opinion the bigger factor. People can lead happy lives yet nutritionally are killing themselves unknowingly. I believe this is the truth to a large degree. This is not their fault because nutritionally they're told to trust certain foods or are not warned about foods causing cancer and heart disease which are by far the 2 largest causes of death. While beliefs can be a positive influence it is not strong enough to overcome physical causes. 99.99 of bodily activity is subconscious. It runs on its own. Really, at cellular level it is all run by it's own. How are you going to notice much less control oxygen deprivation which is the prime cause of all cancer? How are you going to notice plaque buildup due to faulty PUFA's? Experts don't know so how can you know? Besides, can I consciously will my head to grow hair? To regrow lost cartilage? Miracles do happen but mostly they don't. It's possible our beliefs are too weak. Jesus was a firm believer in the power of thought. If you think about committing adultery you have already committed adultery. Most of us believe it's BS but there's some powerful thought going on there. If you can alter your body mentally indeed you have already committed adultery. And sometimes no matter how hard one believes it just never happens. Like when you love a girl yet she never responds. That is most saddest of all.

Lilly Fernandez says:

true cause red cells in the blood do not have nucleus and they work perfectly

Kit Webster says:

any links to the rob williams talk?

lonewolf says:

Divide and conquer: Without the weapon of belief, belief in different religions and different political ideologies, the devil/mind could not cause divisions, the hate, and discontent that leads to wars and all the suffering that comes with them. Belief is the ultimate weapon of the devil/mind, because it divides people from each other and from seeing true life, the Truth.(page 184 Present) Learn to see through the falsehoods of the Mind, Learn the Truth of Life It will overcome the mind and give you real life Check TruthContest and read the Present

Jatin Bhakoo says:

listening to dr..bruce lipton..lets see wht kind of magic they pour in my life with his theory of life.

Clay More says:

wait does this mean I can make my hand cells produce fire if I change my perception on life specifically so that I think that I need the ability to spout fire from my hands?

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