Biology 1A – Lecture 2: Structure and function: lipids, carbohydrates and nucleic acids

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General Biology Lecture


ossielmais says:

can we edit out the 'umm' every 20 sec

boardexam services says:

Great Lecture

Moses Dame says:

Bible is Holy and True. God is real fro your information. God created man. Evolution is satans right hand tool to confuse people like you. there has been change of species for e.g. one bird can have long beak or nose at one area or have certain colour in its feather at one place that is just the change of species due to the condition of that particular area in order to suit it self. But there is no change of KIND, it is still a Bird and will die as a bird. like wise monkeys are still monkeys they can have different species but the KIND remains as monkey and will die as a monkey. Human KIND is Human created by God and will Die as Human. you dont need to struggle to believe science of evolution, the more you believe in it, the more satan is happy with you. In God WeTrust

Donald Miller says:

Truly. They're short-changing God by not doing it. This is some awesome stuff.

Donald Miller says:

I think the possible amino acid combinations are 20!

If that's correct it's this many combinations–

2 432 902 008 176 640 000

Deborah Leopo says:

I am a practicing Catholic and I believe in evolution. I believe that species evolved over time, survival of the fittest etc. I don't however agree with the theory of human evolution
It is a shame though that some people are so closed off to it because they think the word evolution rejects the idea of God and his creation.
I think biology is also great and really cool. THANKS for the video btw! prepping myself for the big examo I have tomorrow :3

Hoveurt Thompson says:

Christians should believe in evolution, or at least be open to it.

Marcus Liou says:

Thank you! That is one smart woman.

Lukas Carter says:

Great lecture.

warrior5502 says:

Christian don't believe in the beginning of Biology or evolution. However the other parts of Biology is great.

Sara Lang says:

That is not true because scientists like Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton believed in God and used science to be able to explain how the world works and how God is actively involved in nature.

Jacqueline Gonzalez says:

Shes a good teacher she makes it soooo easy!

CoolsBreeze says:

Holy jeez she actually tells what's important to know, wish I had her for my classes.

Conex Xenon says:

Awesome lecture. You can learn all that by buying a good Cytology book, very helpful ^^

renee0922 says:

Pretty helpful.

BillyKone says:

haha true.. and there's really no 'believing' in biology or sciences anyway.. it's all around us.. we can see and touch it…

BillyKone says:

I don't believe that people who know about biology can belive in god

Argentium Castel says:

how can anyone not believe in biology. that's not a matter up to believe or not, you see the fucking thing everyday.

TheFutureGhostHunter says:

Listen, science is based off human ideas, and theory. Evolution is not proven period. With the purpose and keys and locks of life, there is an creator no doubt. Science is great, but only if you understand they are mostly wrong, simply because if they knew anything like they think, we would be making organisms from scratch with our programs

TheFutureGhostHunter says:

thanks for sharing what a wonderful and detailed teacher. This is needed, since college does not have time to put out skilled profes. because of the lame classed in between

J Stef says:

My bio teacher sucks. She's from Argentina and Spanish is her first language. Her english is HORRIBLE. She's also very sporadic and unorganized with her lectures very jumpy and uses analogies that don't make sense due to her limited english proficiency. For the test, she pretty much told us to read 5 chapters of the book in entirety. I got a 68 first test but since her study methods aren't helping, I'm looking for my own and this is great.

Laba dou says:

this is the type of professor we need to help every one… video is really helpful thnx

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