Best Free Video Editing Software 2016

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A quick review of the top 5 best free video editors 2015-2016.

Free Adobe Premiere and Final Cut alternatives.



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1. Lightworks

2. VSDC Free Video Editor

3. WeVideo

4. Windows Movie Maker

5. Machete Lite


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SurrealKeenan says:

thank for sharing your secrets, future man

colin3ds says:

headphone users beware

Star Trek Recuts says:

VSDC Free Video Editor seems to good to be try :D


aka it is 2016

+-BONELESS-+ says:

says "Best" free video editing softwares, puts movie maker xp

ric m says:

good info – thanks for sharing

360Gamer Sgt.360 OzzCorpGaming says:

I Use Sony Vegas Pro..Not Anymore

TheBronyEffect says:

just pirate svp or ae

Nujum Key (Hearthstone & Let's Plays) says:

shoutout to active presentor.
100% free editor, been super helpful for me. it doesnt speed up or slow down videos though, so im looking for a different editor

Brandon Zeimet says:

Lightworks is really dumb. It is dumb because it makes audio choppy and there's no way of fixing it.

ColehTehJay says:

Why'd you say "2016"? Its not even 2016 yet!!

MadzMiner says:

Can u tell me what mr Sunday movie use to recored his screen?

wolfgamer1 says:


Bárbara Bação (Living in B's Shoes) says:

Great help! Thanks :)

Factastic says:

thank you man

Anne Blackwood says:

excuse me but when you use the Free word with a capital F you cannot mean just gratis, dont take this wrong but its actually offensive/ Free means Freedom as in of Speech, not just as in beer, this is a serious issue in todays software world and its important people dont confuse the two. just because google gives you things without you giving them money doesn't mean it doesn't cost you, and arguably your rights are more valuable than money, at least mine are to me. Free software editing software includes openshot, cinelerra, kino, shotcut, lightworks, etc.. I encourage you to rerecord this or post annotations describing the difference so no one accidentally downloads this stuff thinking its Freedom GPL General Public License or MIT.

Sher Khan says:

hitflim express free version

Robert Fletcher says:

You missed out on kdenlive free, powerful & easy to use.

jack black says:

do one for driver updater

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