Architect Bjarke Ingels shares his philosophy on the design process

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See what architect Bjarke Ingels has to say about the design process and the importance of print.

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Noah Burke says:

Great interview with Bjarke Ingels.

Lhin Doh says:

Im old fashion, I think they should be more professionally dressed even though architects do a lot of work and making models etc. If they came to work in atleast partial professional attire it looks all more esteemed.

xpez says:

Dont work for that guy! Skip it! Be better than that guy!

MarieMacaron says:

I love the fact that he's danish .. like me!

Lhin Doh says:

I was gonna say the same thing! The whole environment was like a dream to me and I really dream of doing that kind of stuff. I would even volunteer to clean up, messenger and help out.

Vangel Kukov says:

No, it's not or at least it shouldn't be. But in most of BIG's projects the program and its social and environmental aspects are beautifully stuffed in shapes that happens to resemble mountains, slopes, chinese symbols and most letters and numbers. I'm not shure if iconic is a bad thing after all.

aenarion1984 says:

You become an architect after school, school is just a preparation, you have to give yourself the tools and help yourself. Don't worry you can make anything happen with the right mindset.

aenarion1984 says:

The design concept isn't the looks, so I don't understand what your claim is…

Filipe Saur Santos says:

Modernists? Is it a joke? Do you at least know what it means?

nate dewson says:

We…………Here……… could never be like them…. Im studying architecture and our college lacks i think all of the materials…. I hope someone could help us.

Dan Ioanici says:

this is as far away from modernism as possible… study more!

Daniel Olsen says:


Vangel Kukov says:

BIG has this funny and cute, basically formalistic approach, that they try to excuse with some absolutely naive environmental and social aspects they incorporate in their designs but it's pretty obvious that this postmodern paradigm doesn't have the tools to manage the integrated design logic it claims to apply. It's obvious that computerized postmodern design has to step aside and clear the road for the computational design to deal with complexity.

Vangel Kukov says:

Once you have NAILED the design concept the design challenge becomes to retain the main idea while unforeseen incidents start influencing the project.
We try to regard the looks of the building as a BY PRODUCT in terms of what the building can do.

greatjackcurfor says:

He looks like Denis Quaid haha

相馬 孝世 says:


TheTruthCommonSense says:

then you won't work for this guy, you need to give anything to be better than this guy, then you'd get somewhere

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