5 Stages of the Architectural Design Process

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Drew Paul Bell (of http://www.DrewPaulBell.com) explains the 5 stages of the architectural design process: Schematics, Design Development, Construction Documents, Bidding, and Construction Administration.


BBC Rooter says:

I tried hiring an architect for a juice bar that we were building, under a thousand sq. ft. and we had bids at 17,000 to 25,000 dollars We didnt have it. I went to Pro sketch up and did it my self for free. Please do not give up on your dreams, there is so much you can do for free on your own.

sasinipha chantip says:

i'm waiting for next

Rovinna Ferrer says:

Speaking of these stages… I'm really having a difficult time with fees… Usually, prospects/clients want free schematics before they engage with doing the project with you… But some of them, after giving them the design, they disappear and you end up seeing your design built already by foreman and laborers… T_T i live in the Philippines and it happens here… I'm not sure if it's the same anywhere…

Jamil Gannaban says:

Thanks guy. That helped me understand easier. I was having problems getting these things.

gabriel zaldivar says:

Awesome. You provided a better understanding of what architects have to consider.

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