Rajiv Dixit : Ayurvedic Treatment of Cancer

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Rajiv Dixit Ji was an Iitan, Scientist, Orator
and one of the most influential leaders of the Modern
Swadeshi movement in India

Twitter : http://goo.gl/4DZXes
Facebook: http://goo.gl/9X2NJi


Dr. Rabindra Nath Panigrahi says:

dr. dixit- iam retired ayurved doctor[damo]. my sister who is under treatment in [apollo bhubaneswar] is suffering from bile duct cancer. is ther any ayurvedic treatment?

Badre Alam alam says:

doddi. kise bolte

Raj Kumar says:

My father in law is suffering from cancer. How i treat him.

ching ping LAM says:

Please add subtitle or summarize in point form.

amit singh says:

Kya brain tumour in left front lobe bhi thik ho sakta hai upay bataye

Yangka Tashi says:

please if i can get this in English or with subtitle.
can this treatment can cure stomach cancer?

sangitapop says:

Turmeric has the strength to fight cancer.

sangitapop says:

Totally believe what he is saying that people do not die of the cancer but from the treatment they receive.

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