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Transparency is an effect that allows us to see what is underneath, transparent vector graphics can really add depth and make a website design pop.This video tutorial will show you how to make transparent web page in Adobe Illustrator.
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Micah Magtalas says:

Thank you!

itzhel ocumarez says:

amazing tutorial but what is the color code

Princeamrith Raaj says:

I badly need the Icons please help me get it. Amazing tutorial

Trâm Nguyễn says:

thank you very much! your videos helped me learn Ai very good, amazing!

Metra Clarke says:

Amazing thankss

Sm Zeeshan Zaffar says:

You've got a good taste in theme. Beautiful web design!

Vic k says:

Thanks for the video! How can you save the image so that the person who's doing to code for the page can make the icons clickable? Thank youu!!

Ishan Manandhar says:

Can you tell me where the backgroungd music is from ???? PLEASE anyway awesome tutorial

Al Imran says:

Beautiful tutorial!!, thank you!

TRASH Design ™ says:

the download link was bronken :(

Bunna Pom says:

I want to get this symbol…can you tell me?

qvoot says:

Сразу видно, перфекционист.

AHMED EMAD Alsafe says:


Icon 1 says:

Beautiful tutorial, thank you!

Sanad Qazi says:

how to use it on wordpress website ?

Halit Sanır says:

Thank's  Kaukab.

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