I study Zoology?

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Introduction to my Zoology channel


RojVentura2 says:

Hi there sorry it has taken me a while to respond I've been traveling around Thailand, well the course at ARU is great it has opened many doors and I did my dissertation on the effects of aggression on hierarchies of sulawesi crested macaques and I got a first. Zoology opens many doors I definitely recommend doing it but it is more difficult than what most people think as it touches on many areas of science! now I'm doing as masters in sustainable environmental development and management! 🙂

Scott B says:

Hi there I'm thinking studying zoology can you give me an update on how your course is going as I live in Devon and will likely study in the area 🙂

RojVentura2 says:

we study all kinds of animals literally! 🙂 but you can do various modules to study things in more depth, for example i picked terrestrial animals rather than marine, and i picked behavior rather than ecology and now ive picked primates 🙂

imdanshort says:

So you're 23 yeh?

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