how to cure cancer.natural cures for cancer.cancer prevention diet.prostate cancer treatment

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saysaya kiangan says:

i have also a problem about cancer and in my ovary.. im now trying ginger,and pau d" arco capsule.. did you have more datails about herbs that can help my cancer vanish?

Uchiha Madara says:

it is right brocoli rusberry and other food can cure and fight cancer.

amber doesitmatter says:

The link dont work

amber doesitmatter says:

I need help. I am 28 paralyzed waist down with a super pubic catheter. I went to the urologist yesterday they found a lesion in my bladder. I go in next friday for biopsy but he said either way he wants to remove my bladder and do a complete hysterectomy. Ive already had 43 surgeries and I doubt mu body can barely handle any type of kemo.. even if its not cancer how can I fight all these bladder infections and be able to keep my body parts?
Im not that worried for me, I've been fighting death since I was 15, im worried about my 8 yr old son we need eachother. 


Try Organic Apricot oil to help fight cancer…:-) 

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