Breast cancer Best Ayurvedic treatment By Rajiv Dixit

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very very effective homemade remedies for breast cancer in women.
must watch and share.

no surgery of breast cancer you can cure in your home.

rajiv dixit official website


humera hasan says:

why does he bring cows urine in all treatments.jahil

Sunny Acrobat1 says:

Why is this simple remedy unknown for so many years?At least this should have been known to doctors in Ayurvedic Medical Hospital.Go and ask any Ayurvedic medical doctor, they know nothing about it.

Arun Shandilya says:

बहुत सही एवं सर्व साधारण हेतु अत्यन्त उपयोगी

Ajay Upadhyay says:

I trust this man without a single thought.

shubham kumar says:

dhruv sahni ,u are doing a great job…………………….rajiv dixit amar rahe

kana bhai says:

me khachi se paresan hu mujhe jankari de 9672200421

Abdul Kadar Shaikh says:

Kuch kam ki baat dhyan rkhna ki isse jaror dekho ya padho

Naresh Chopra says:

60 se 100 kutte mil kar ek sher mar sakte hai. par sher hi rehta hai Rajiv ji aap wo sher hai jo mar bhi amar ho gaya hai. jai hind

Marie Salerno says:

English Sub-Titles, thanks.

manoj kumar says:

if he known that it works,then why don't he go for patent. will save 7,00,000 life per yr in india

Wajid Sadiq says:

shitty lecture. hindu drink urine of cow and treat with the urine of cow. the rubbish your believes are

SM b says:

I can't see any of Rajiv Dixit videos…whats going on?

Danielle Johnson says:

Could someone plz give me the breakdown in English? Thx

Gp Chikhodra says:

bhut bahut badhiya  jo iske bareme jankari mili dhanyavad sir-g.

Dinesh Pandit says:


Ravindra Kumar says:


ambarish bakkuri says:

Helpful video

Shruti Sarode says:

Very benficial

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