Advice for careers in biology, ecology, zoology & more from scientists John & Kendra Abbott

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The response to my first video on getting started with zoology got a great response from viewers and I was overdue for a follow up. I interviewed the amazing scientists and photographers John and Kendra Abbott (who also contributed most of the photos in my “Baby You’re an Arthropod” video seen at ). Yes, this is LONG but, hopefully, it will be helpful to all of ya’ll wondering if you really can make a living while researching and helping animals. Leave your questions and comments and I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can.


Andrew Mittman says:

Hi Lucas. I am currently a junior in high school and ever since I was little, I've wanted to work with animals. I am very interested in zoology, specifically with marine mammals, dolphins mostly. II was wondering what your thoughts are in this type of field currently or if I should have a backup career in mind? Thanks a lot. Love the videos.

Riley B says:

How do I deal with questions during my degree with the most incomprehensibly boring phrasing? Something like: '"Mutualistic relationships between species are essentially cooperative" Discuss this using appropriate examples. ' 

HOW do I cope with that? I love the ideas in Biology, but when someone puts that on a piece of paper. I don't think I've ever seen anything more boring in my whole life!

Riley B says:

Great talk, thanks guys.

ryan madsen says:

hello lucas  i am currently attending shasta college and its my second year but i really dont have a major but im wanting to take zoology and work with animals but i dont like killing them its just an oath i took but i do understand if the animals are sick and injured and cant be healed they need to be put down but i really love animals especially wildlife animals  my favorite is the wolf but i would love to be working with wildlife. what would i need to do for schooling and what type of jobs would be available for me  and were would i need to move to, currently i live in redding. im slower at learning but after i get it is memorized also if i dont do things like for example car and i dont do them for a long time i dont remember certain things. with this disability would i  still be able to find me a job in zoology with wildlife? but im willing to put in the hard work for this just not sure where to go for it or how to start it. sorry for the length have to be honest knowing what im capable of and my weakness is part of the hard work. thank you and your opinion would be greatly appreciated thank you for your time:)   

Danielle LaFleur says:

Hi Lucas, I'm a junior in high school and I've known all my life that I've wanted to work with animals. I've done countless amounts of research and nothing compares to the phenomenal videos you make, so thanks for sharing!!! I'm looking to have hands on experience with larger mammals such as bears, big cats, wolves, etc. I originally wanted to go into wildlife rehabilitation but thorough research has shown me that it is mostly volunteer work. Also, very few colleges offer a zoology course. Working alongside large mammals seems like a dream which leads me to wonder if I can actually make a career out of it. Forgive me if this is a personal question but is there a zoology career out there that will support me well enough financially? Or should I look into something else with better pay because as much as I love animals, I can't help but think long-term. Sorry this is a little lengthy… your opinion on the matter would be greatly appreciated! :)

Singing Zoologist says:

An appropriate fear of wasps and bees is understandable but don't let it keep you from enjoying your life okay? They are not out to get you–they sting when they feel threatened, not just to inflict pain randomly. There's a certain cost involved (some bees actually die when they sting) so they will generally leave you alone if you leave them alone. Most stings happen when some inattentive person puts a hand or foot on or near them so try to watch yourself and just stay calm when they come near.

fK Odin says:

Hey I have a question that not much people seem to tell me. Ive had a phobia of wasps and bees since I was a child. Do wasps sting you for no reason? Or do they only sting you if they see you and you disturb them.

Singing Zoologist says:

You are very welcome, Jake. Thanks for the kind words!

Jake Hemmle says:

I love your videos! Thanks for coming to my school

Bart de bruin says:

Thanks for vid i may going to do something whit animals very usefull 😉

Dustin Oakes says:

thank you for the help im 14 and have always wanted to work with animals so I found this very helpful

Reverend Maillet-Crutcher says:

I wish this video or ones like it existed when I was in school. I am from the days of the commodore and the internet didn't exist. Good Job!! Kids need this these days.

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