Zayn Malik | Nicotine

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hello babes, hope u enjoy 🙂 subscribe for more !!!

song: nicotine – panic! at the disco

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Freak Freakish says:

Zayn's best compilation !

mia b. says:

my pussy is on fire

Afonso henrique says:

gifs 0:18 ???

Eva B. says:

One question…. can he get any more hotter?

jacky castorena says:

Aww I miss my zen so much :'(

Camila Stylinson says:

How wrong is the fact I find him attractive smoking ?

carolina candia says:

1:35 barça???

Maria Adoomy says:

FUCK !!!!!!!!!! I love him too much ! But that´s okay .one of the greatest guys ever .. I just hope he gets what he wants and deserves <3

Hilal Gülistan says:


Jashui Rillo says:

No me pudiste hacer más feliz, amo a Panic! y y y Zayn. Joder.

Sawana “Calderholic” Horan says:

Zayn stop smoking already

Slla Horan says:

1.10 is killing me

kings of korea says:

hii! i just started this channel, and i'm making one direction fan videos. mostly zayn, but i can do from others too! so, if anyone wants to check my channel, you're free to go! love ya 🙂 x

Roxy Lightwood says:

This video is so fucking damn perfect. Zayn is so fucking damn perfect. I love him so much, he'll always stay here, in my heart, no matter what it will happen.
Btw, who Is this song sung by?

Naj Wa says:

How could anyone be so attractive, hot and cute like that

xILOVE ZAYNx says:

What program did you use for this video?,

Zaynsters Girl says:


magabi cardenas says:

Zayn you are my adicction

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