Vaping : Zamplebox Now Has 0mg (No Nicotine) Liquids & Juices!!!

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Seth D says:

i dont care if you stop to look in the box and read it of ya know like at a lil bit before 1:39 i just wanted you to open the box lol

Seth D says:

nigga 1:28 stop tyring to talk with the food in your mouth and get to the damn vape lol

Daniel Sirny says:

I'm 12 and I really love the idea of blowing smoke out of my mouth but should i get it with or without nicotine with ages more smoke and with is healthier plus what is the age with your allowed to have this also is this illegal for a 12 year old

Anthony Mancuso says:

Is it u healthy for a kid without nicotine? My friends are starting it and I'm worried it will do something. (Ps I obviously know nothing about vapeing)

Sebastian Gonzalez says:

do these 0mg no nicotine vapes containe 0 tobacco as well ?? can someone please let me know I'm new to this stuff

Kid Caliber says:

Est.= established

ApocalypticBunniespr says:

do you still get decent clouds from a 50/ 50 mix?

Rino Lai says:

how do u know its not false info?

the beer guy says:

OK U really need too let ppl know this contain 0 nicotine but some isn't just a sweetener so kids know too be bit more cautious about vaping

Angel George says:

Im 14 started at 12 its not addicting at all i havent vaped in over a year to test this and i am going to go back into vaping for stress and stuff but its not addicting and i used omost 100% nicotine but what i noticed was that the nicotine ones hurt my throat so i would go with low nicotine to none if u want to be safe then make ur own it ownly cost like 10 bucks to make like 15 of them and in stores there up to like 20 a piece and it only takes a couple mins

Aqua Walrus says:

I'm 13 and I wanna get one and I'm reading the comments and it's saying order one online but I'm worried that my mom would see that it says item description- e-cig. Someone help please?

Carla Af says:

Okay so I'm very young. I'm a 13 year old girl and vape tricks interest me. However I scare myself because I think about that and I'm so young. I want to vape just water so I can do tricks but I don't know if that exists. Can someone tell me all I need to know about 0mg nicotine and water vaping if that exists. Thanks.

HaleMasterVeteran says:

Doesn't this affect your health ??

Gabriel Domingo says:

Even though im thirteen i want to vape with no necotine shout me out if you can give me a vape with no necotine

Error 508 says:

I'm wanting to help loose weight with one of these. I'm always snacking and want to try and stop. I'm 15, is it illegal to use/buy one?

Not a Rapper says:

What is PG VG

Perfectly.Imperfect x says:

I'm 16 and want to vape without nicotine, and this video helped but what type of vape pen/e-cig do I need to buy?? 

stormyweather rain says:

I'm very curious…what about the throathit with the 0mg nicotine? I have e-liquids and they hardly have a throathit, it want's me to go back to nicotine again :(.

SinisterHD says:

Is vaping safe if it doesn't contain nicotine 

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