Top 10 Best auditions Britain’s got talent 2015 (part 2)

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10) Old Men Grooving – dance group 0:04
9) Revelation Avenue – singing group 2:53
8) Hungarian dancers 7:00
7) Maia Gough – singer 9:50
6) UDI – dance group 13:50
5) Isaac – singer 18:11
4) Entity – dance group 20:36
3) Calum Scott – singer 23:29
2) shakorudin junior – dancer 27:07
1) Boyband – dance group 29:22

Thank you very much for watching my video ))))
Can watch also Part 1


TheFineFTW says:

is david gay?

Indian Singh 1 says:

can ny one tell me abt Whitney Houston's this song …. my favorite one ???

The Rake says:

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Paan Farhan says:

calum scott….feels like adam livine….upgraded version~~ LOL

Jarno Banning says:

the guy at 25 minutes, just beautiful ❤

The Con Man says:

I always like seeing the judges reactions, Idc if I have to stay for another hour!

Veci Hay says:

what is the meaning of the golden button?

Sha Olito says:

one of the judges is wearing scorpions costume without the mask.

No Name says:

LOL The womans face at 26:43 … I imagine all kinds of weird deep sounds to dat face

Hùng Hoa Anh says:

amazing , it 's wonderful

Abi Bagoo says:

….if that was my teacher o would be scared…hahaha

eisvydas svabauskas says:

revelation avenue's version of roar is better than the original to be honest

Midnight Abortionist says:

i hate it when they come on to sing man big waste of time

Eleanor Whittaker says:


frixadora says:

The best dancegroup I´ve ever seeen!!! Happiness Happiness HAPPINESS!!

Alonso Arbulú Sarmiento says:

what do the golden botton???

SkyWingFeather says:

UDI was telling a story about the Dark and Light sides of the Force

RustyDagger1 says:

serioulsy you ruin great content with your stupid fucking Annotation crap with ur fucking scummy shit.

Thoa Trần thị kim says:

Almost British people just dancing or singing, nothing else really special, actually American is just the best of the best I think

a unicornpuppy says:

Lettice Rowbotham should've been in this video.

trelozpet says:

13:5816:23 the best

Erika Erika says:

7:00 молдавский танец примерно такой же..и музыка похожа)) Класс!!)

Newman37XX says:

No Paul Potts?

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