Top 10 Best auditions Britain’s got talent 2015 (part 1)

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10) OK WorldWide – dancing group
9) Henry – singer 1:18
8) Matt McCreary – parkour 4:17
7) Ella Shaw – Singer 5:34
6) Leo – pianist 8:03
5) Vladimir Georgievsky – trampoline jumper 8:44
4) Gracie – singer 12:28
3) IMD-dancing group 13:57
2) Karate kid Jesse 16:18
1) Billy and Emily – Roller skaters 19:22
Thank you very much for watching my video ))))


Polly Dorn says:

Wow. All amazing, Vladimir funny, the last act, Very dangerous.. But still very good.

Masumi Jolly says:

The karate girl sounded like link.

Sofia Adolfsson says:

You must trust each other to do that skating move… Jesus fucking Christ CRAZY!!!!

Jason Bailey says:

:0 Im just like wow in a good way

LiveLife LoveYourself (DyedToPerfection) says:


Halldór högni says:

Was he supposed too fall
I'm talking about the guy who teaches kids to freerun

s0mething ☆ CS:GO & more ☆ says:

Whats the song at 20:00 mins?

silly willy says:

i didnt like the girl with katana i mean imagine the idea of kids playing with sharp swords

Angalise Sostre says:

What's the first song for OK Worldwide called??

Megan Conran says:

the little boy was the best

sofia Laspiur says:

Hey ppl!

Hope u have a nice day!!!

Yukio Takano says:

I love guitar now because of that kid. Im a kid too xD… I am practicing what he did

MSP Productions says:

Woah! How- What-! I was sat open mouthed how did she do that in roller skates!

The Rake says:

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Steve-o & Simon Slannous says:

The boy was the best

David Jefferson says:

21:19 Relationship goals lol. Soo much talent, everyone. Truly Outstanding.

scotsman1592 says:


tom payne says:

The problem with kids that sing on this stuff is they WILL get older and you have no idea what they will sound like when they hit puberty

Alyssa Gaille Reyes says:

a little girl with a katana?

Nuhman Manu says:

i,m feeling like im nothing :)

R Clarke says:

Hahaha – the boy playing piano was peeking!

Dave Mckee says:

Talent does not take centuries when given nurturing , it takes talent, dedication and love, Like the art of Bonsai, water is but one vessel.

Mikaela Chipping says:

Awww the second boy was adorable…

amir hamrouni says:

why tf was that midget with a katana on this

柳田直樹 says:


Sir Jacko says:

Those Brits do some weird shit.

Etienne Sugihara says:

these act are much more then talon it's should be call supper hulman act !

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