Swerve™ Graphic designer – How to make a Burger (Speedart)

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Hi, Welcome to Swerve™

At the moment your watching my my latest piece, “How to make a burger”. It’s all in the title lol so i guess this design needs no explanation.

Sit back, relax & Enjoy.

Final Image: Coming soon to Behance

Don’t forget to check out my music providers:
Trap Nation: https://www.youtube.com/user/AllTrapNation
Gaz Music: https://www.youtube.com/user/UmiakMusic

Songs Used:
“Spag Heddy – Permanent”
“EFIX & GTN IX – Leave ( feat.Sanchez )”

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For any design inquiries please contact me via email: studio@swervedesigns.co.uk

© Swerve 2014


Another Games says:

My stomach is growling.

Nicolas Silva says:

a graphic designer using win 10, this is the end of the world

Jounzey says:

where's the music? :(

Ran Zhou says:

super awesome!!!!

TheUnholyPosole says:

Why do most graphic designers listen to feminine, pop, techno?
I swear, graphic designers dig the worst music.

EclypzeHD says:

this guy needs to make csgo skins o.O

FayceGames says:

very nice bro

CEN says:

lol it is spag heddy who produced "permanent" not the other way around lol

Elipter says:

Is illustrator hard to learn? I use flash for my stuff but illustrator looks more flexible and professional…

Mikko Barck says:

Good job and that beat tho!

Crown Jewel Designs 1995 says:

is that photoshop ?

Dale German says:

Heeeey! How did you create those shadows? Awesome work there!

tAEnY Kim (pPanNY) says:

What are the fonts that you used?

Gabbie says:

Liked, Loved, Subbed.

Potato Missing says:

Why do you have the same taste in music as me? Gawsh! :P

Nazmo says:

OMG Dude! This Is AMAZING!

Anas Khan says:

I've watched this on repeat and slow motion couple of times now. I think I understand your workflow! Cheers man! Though you could've saved me a lot of time with a logo design workflow tutorial , the one you did for "Soul Industries" was amazing. Keep up the good work. Love your current tutorial already.
Mind telling me what you think of this :

Thanks again!

Euwyn Goh says:

Amazing! I love your style! Keep it up :)

tabish ali says:

Windows 10 on a mac ?

Viking says:

Wow! Looks cool :)

Sheilluxe | Graphics Designer says:

You can add song name to your lower third it would be great. People will not need to ask "whats the song name" in comments.

ue chun yung says:

awesome!!! will there be any tutorial?

Airborne says:

The skill is strong on this one! – Yoda

Sachin haral says:

Great…i am really inspire by you
how do plan it before start on illustrator

Davit King says:

I like that song

Amitras says:

Windows 10? You used a Mac!

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