NKTR by SQN: Tobacco Free Nicotine

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That Cali Vaper says:

I have heard some really good things regarding the NKTR line.

skatenahmean says:

S/o to all the pears

rekeybobby says:

I am gonna start a go fund me for eliquid you guys and gals are ballers if I vaped 30ml for 22 dollars id be so broke my ejuice is 5 bucks for 50m but very limited flavor options l

endless grey says:

Ejuice has been made from synthetic nic for years.

yussi01 says:

I call bullshit on the coil thing. I smoke 0mg and nothing else on homemade eliquid with no sweeteners and my coils get dirty especially after vaping 30ml

Bullet_ says:

$22 for a 30ml bottle : could get 102ml for $16 with just as good flavor from vistavapors

Eric W says:

I gotta get that mango!!!

james dunagan says:

I found the pear to be a bit muted. but you're right about the mango I could vape 1000ml without stopping.

FatalFrame45 says:

So I'm pretty sure the line is called Nectar. Like as in Fruit nectar. NKTR. I might have to try this stuff sounds good.

George Roberts says:

I have the mango one it is alright I prefer more of a candy flavor but if you want something like that tastes like mango this is the one to get

Ryan Carter says:

Sounds like a great juice! Thanks!

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