NIGHTCORE – Nicotine [HD] [Request]

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Requested by: unclhuntr

Song: Nicotine
Artist: Panic! at the Disco

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This song was NIGHTCORED by me TheNCimpact


Tyler Durden says:

Sometimes I think I'm addicted to stuff, but then I smoke more

Brilliant Ember says:

Fall out boy

devil king says:

request: I'm made of wax Larry what are you made of by a day to remember

GodOfThe Wolves says:

she is worse then fucking Nicotine… she could drive a knife into my back and keep plunging it deeper and deeper and I would still come back to her. ugg… love is a bitch haha

Devil May CracK says:

hola me podrias pasar ese fondo esta genial

Christian C says:

Hey TheNCimpact i heard his music just now its exactly alike but his is a lot slower than urs but ur version is so much better than his so keep going wth ur music man ur work is fantastic

Christian C says:

Thos song hits hard with the bass i love nice job TheNCimpact

Axel Konzern says:

Isnt Black Lagoon/Revi famous for: "An Average of two F*cks per minute"?
Sounds fun /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

Aleem Imfooo says:

This makes me crave :-(

DrakeMarvell says:

Yes it's Revy! Man, I miss Black Lagoon…

Timo Van Riessen says:


Anime Lover says:

I love the song and the pitcher

hi kitties says:


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