Nicotine – Panic! At The Disco – Reading Festival 2015

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not mine creds to the bbc n thanks for letting me use the footage


Chelsea Vera says:

His voice keeps cracking

Moonpelt says:

I really need to see him live someday!!

Anwaar Abdelrahman says:

dallon at 2:09 <3

Bridjet says:

OMG! if I only can see him live in front of me singing, I'd be like……UGHHH! I don't know! I have no fucking words!!!

Ferz Hidalgo says:

Dallon looks like he doesn't get any sleep from like 4 years

Romanza_FTW says:

Yhusss I saw him last month at Festival Pier, he's so amazing!!! <3

MCR_Is_Bae says:

I saw that my chemical romance hat don't be hiding

Mashaal B. says:

He is so fucking hot

MrJethroJet says:

Who else heard the beginning of Hallelujah at the end?

TheShepard says:

brendon urie so hot he's the best thanks so much charlet

Alyssa Downs says:

Thank you

sarah greene says:

Thanks for uploading!

Dulcci Kaguya says:

I taste on you my lips i can't get rid of you <3

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